Wednesday, February 27, 2008


SO Liam is now 20 monthes old as of Feb 28th it's hard to belive that, that much time has gone by. Wasn't it yesterday that he got here?
unfortunately Liam has been sick for the past few weeks I'm hoping it's not allergies to my ,oops I mean our cats. so he will be seeing the Dr this afternoon. we'll see how that goes.
On anotehr unhappy note we lost our cat Maxie last tuesday he was very sick and we could not do anything for him so he now rest under our dogwood tree out back. I don't think Liam notices he is gone but he does know the other ones are there calling by there names, momo , duter and prin(sort for princess) all have been very good with him. few scratches but nothing major.


The Blevins Family said...

I love this picture!! Liam is too cute. Glad you have a blog now!!


Bou said...

sorry to hear about Maxie, Koren... - may