Thursday, March 13, 2008


So Liam has taken to calling cheese , chicken? why I do not know or how he associates it with chicken? We have tried to get him to say Mozzarella cheese and it comes out lala cheese which I think is better than chicken but then he goes right back to calling it chicken? and of course he knows exactly where to get it in the frig.
Now he went for a check up for his sinuses and he's doing better he's off the medication, which I have never seen a child like medicine so much ..good thing? not so sure. but the Dr said to only give him cheese once a day? something with his intestines? maybe not matured enough for cheese? but on the other hand he can have all the yogurt he wants which one day was 3 containers in one day and other item he seems not to get enough of?
So now we have to limit the chicken... humm cheese to one stick a day and possibly cut it in half so he thinks he's getting two but only one!

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The Blevins Family said...

A boy after my own heart! I love cheese, I mean, chicken!