Monday, March 10, 2008


Hello yes, I'm going to be blogging here and not on CC I have not been getting many updates there lately so...
but anyway things have been good. Liam is over his infections. and running both his parents all over the place! as well as his grandparents. My dad stopped in on Monday and has been here for about week. Which has been very nice. it's so cute to see my dad and Liam interact!! the other day Liam was falling asleep on Dennis lap but he had to hold on to grampy's hand! it was too cute!
and the fact he has figured out how to prolong going to bed by running back and forth between the 2 grandparents to say good night!

Last night was the cutest thing Liam wants butter on his bread and all he kept saying was butter in what sounded to be almost and english accent is all I can think it sounded like. then he proceeds to suck it off the bread and ask for more. He also does this with and sort of spreadable cheese on a cracker or bagel. So all you are left with is this soggy heep of what used to be a cracker with a few nibbles taken out of it. too funny.

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