Friday, April 25, 2008

WHy is my son naked in the kitchen??

Just found a few pictures that my mother must have taken right after a bath or possible in the middle of a diaper change the escapee go into the grocery's! I just have to wonder what was happening that day but looks as if all was good. and the stacking of the veggies was necessary!
So got the results from Liam allergy blood test the other day and Guess What??
YUP in a house full of kitties Liam has an allergy to them!
So I've begun to clean up more where the cats usually sit and they have been banned to the outside for now. Not only does he have that but he also should not have peanuts. I have been keeping him away from that but not as much as the other nuts. I have heard not to give babies nuts, peanuts or seafood until 3 so I was following it with the seafood but not as strictly with the peanuts. Now Liam will not be getting any taste of that Plus you have to watch what's in the granola bars that he loves so much. thank goodness for Kellogg bar! So back to the cats.... right now not going to get rid of them they will just be spending much more time out side which means spending a bit more for flea meds for them. So I may have to call a cleaning team to go thru the house, but what to do when your husband is putting the ceiling up in the Living room. guess I'll wait for that to be done first. So all blankets that were in the living room gone, washed and put away until needed. carpets what little we have have been vacuumed. I prob need to do more to them to get them really clean. I have to vacuum the couch and chair to get any cat hair. That stuff not matter how much I'd clean, I'd always find a hair or two on me. Like this morning I saw cat hair on Liam's shirt and the cat's are not allowed in his room? hello where did it come from? anyway I'll have to do some research to find out how to get ride of a majority of cat hair and dander.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New ceiling going up???

So I'm very excited that we were able to tear down the ceiling that was left in our living room this past weekend. and Dennis has been working hard to get the lighting up. So hopefully by the end of this weekend we will have a new drywalled ceiling!!
so I'm very late but here is a picture of Liam at Easter and his basket! he was too cute!

So Nothing going on here.. I wish I had something exciting to talk about but all I have is my weekends! and this past week was one the ceiling! Yeahy
and then on Sat we spent with Grampy. Unfortunately he had to leave to head back to Fla. So we spent the am with him. we went to breakfast and Liam and Grampy shared some eggs Benedict. What Toddler do you know who loves that?
But Liam does? go figure he had a bit on my waffle but as soon as he got the eggs it was all over for me and my plain old waffle. He also had his first taste of Chocolate milk and I think that went over very well.
So after breakfast i had my dad drive us over to the Lab , Liam needed to have some Blood work done. For the most part Liam was good but her knew what was coming a squirmed a bit. but he was fine I covered his eyes and it seemed to make it better he did not cry or scream which was good and the ladies thought he was great. Especially when he said bye to them!
So after that we just headed home grampa was getting antsy to head home so. we headed back to the house. Liam played out side for a while and we sat and watched it then got to about noon which is nap time! so I brought Liam up and he napped while grampy got his things ready to go. So by the time I was done putting Liam down grampy was ready to go we said our goodbyes and he was off. so it was Liam and I until Dennis had come home from fishing trip and then Liam was out side with Dennis and our friends till dinner, playing on the boat.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


So I'm very sorry I have not been here lately I've not been able to keep this blog current.... BUT,

There will be a new addition to the Lynch clan in October!!

Yes, we are expecting!!

and as you can see Dennis has updated the sono for you all. I have been told that this is a very Maryland sport and to not have your child play is like not giving him water to drink. LOL

so unlike Liam we are not finding out the sex of the baby!

I don't want to know and of course Dennis does and this will kill him... HEE heee

No I'm not doing it to persecute him but it is sorta fun.

So I have not been feel well and the medications that the Dr. has given me has not worked unless you count the last one that basically made me fall asleep at my desk! So I have not tried that one again. The sickness does not confine it self to any specific time but when ever it feels like making me feel miserable! So some day's I'm good other day's I am not.

So we had a bit of a mishap the other day with the daycare we had set up for this week since my mother is on vacation. and Little Liam had to go in with daddy to work for a bit. Seems as if he was good. And blessed Dennis with a three hour nap! As you can see he's looking very comfy under the desk! LOL