Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New ceiling going up???

So I'm very excited that we were able to tear down the ceiling that was left in our living room this past weekend. and Dennis has been working hard to get the lighting up. So hopefully by the end of this weekend we will have a new drywalled ceiling!!
so I'm very late but here is a picture of Liam at Easter and his basket! he was too cute!

So Nothing going on here.. I wish I had something exciting to talk about but all I have is my weekends! and this past week was one the ceiling! Yeahy
and then on Sat we spent with Grampy. Unfortunately he had to leave to head back to Fla. So we spent the am with him. we went to breakfast and Liam and Grampy shared some eggs Benedict. What Toddler do you know who loves that?
But Liam does? go figure he had a bit on my waffle but as soon as he got the eggs it was all over for me and my plain old waffle. He also had his first taste of Chocolate milk and I think that went over very well.
So after breakfast i had my dad drive us over to the Lab , Liam needed to have some Blood work done. For the most part Liam was good but her knew what was coming a squirmed a bit. but he was fine I covered his eyes and it seemed to make it better he did not cry or scream which was good and the ladies thought he was great. Especially when he said bye to them!
So after that we just headed home grampa was getting antsy to head home so. we headed back to the house. Liam played out side for a while and we sat and watched it then got to about noon which is nap time! so I brought Liam up and he napped while grampy got his things ready to go. So by the time I was done putting Liam down grampy was ready to go we said our goodbyes and he was off. so it was Liam and I until Dennis had come home from fishing trip and then Liam was out side with Dennis and our friends till dinner, playing on the boat.

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