Wednesday, May 28, 2008

2 day's an counting!!

So today makes it two day's left and then we are off to Mexico!!!!! YIPPPIEEEEEEEEEEEE
so last weekend was great we had a nice time at Poppy's pool LOL that sounds funny and just reminded me of the Sinfeld episode with Poppy the pizza guy!!! LOL does any one remember him or is that dating my self? anyway

Liam had a wonderful time and wore him self out! we had pool time with dad and yes I don't blame him for not really wanting to go in because it was like being in ice water! So Liam only got up to his waist at the most and floated on any of the items in the pool

then there was a little time out on the trampoline ! Very funny seeing Liam trying to jump up and down... he had a very difficult time jumping more than two times before falling

then some down time back at the table to eat a 2nd hot dog!

Liam also took interest in the rocks in thegarden that were actually speakers it was very cute to watch him crouch down and look at them like " my rocks at home don't do that" then he moved on to each of the flowers and had to crouch down and smell each one of them.
them by the end of the night we watched a few fireworks until the police showed up! LOL like we were teenagers everyone like the cops are here! and of course we send the oldest guy out to deal with it!! LOL
with just a talking to we are left alone to finish watching the fountains only not air born rockets allowed ! Liam by this time really did not care and was sitting on my lap ready to pass out at any time..

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Land of Bean said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. I keep trying to talk Neil into a trampoline , cause I love them so. I am so jealous of your Mexico trip! Have fun.