Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mexico day 3

So day three:
we went to Playa to do a little shopping.
caught the bus. Liam decide to wait to poop on the bus so we had to wait till we got to Playa to very quickly change him. Thank goodness they were patinet with us and we were very quick!
So this day was the most perfect of all the day's of course! and HOT!
Liam was so good sitting in his Orange stroller. Not a peep maybe it was the heat? could not talk? but we gave him water , juice and ice cream that I think relived the heat somewhat and ended up in his lap mostly. But it was cooling so all was good!
We were only there till about 1pm the decided we had had enough. I got a ceramic bowl and silver earrings Dennis got a necklace and Liam got two tee-shirts.
We caught a cab back to the hotel because the bus was not coming back until 5 and we did not think we could shop that long nor stand the heat and we wanted to get back to the water!
So again we had lunch and headed to the lagoon!! wee what fun!
Today was the Paiaya day great stuff but then it was gone? I then asked Tarasita where t had gone and she said she would look the next thing I knew she was coming over to the table with a plate heeped with Paiaya( sorry for the spelling) Good stuff!
Dinner this night was at the Mexican restaurant. while waiting for it to open because we for got they were an hour behind what our watches said we went to the creperi Yummy crepes they were soo very good.
then Met with Miko and Josh for dinner. this night we brought the DVD player. seemed to work Liam was content to watch cars fro I think the 2nd time. Not a peep from him. Dinner was good but I think I liked the Japanese better so the buy the time dinner was done so were we and we headed back to the room to crash.

Mexico day 2

Sorry but finally getting to it!
Day two :
started with breakfast of wonderful fruits and yogurt! there was also an omelet involved!
then of course we dressed for the pool , now if we were truly smart we would have dressed for the pool and then went to breakfast then just go right to the pool but no, I think that may have made breakfast more difficult on Liam than it already was. Being dressed for the pool and sitting in front of it not being able to go into it. Be held captive by your horrible parents and made to eat fresh fruit and eggs while be tortured at looking at the pool! So may be it was a good thing? who knows
so the rest of the day was sitting in or around the pool or lagoon! of course it was some what nice that day! I think? anyway it was spent loungeing all over the place and drinking fruity concoctions that for me were alcohol free!
Yes I took Liam out in a kayak he was great and loved everyminute of it. plus we had daddy as a propeller at some points. Dennis was snorkling next to us as we paddled in the lagoon.
Sorry the sun was in my eyes so i'm squintyLOL

Dinner was at a wonderful Japanese resturant where they do the cooking infront of you it was really good.

Laim ws intertained and had a good dinner we had sushi which he did not have and mom selected the nonraw things to eat. miso soup, veggies fried rice and chicken. so when leaving the resturant we headed back to the room only to come upon thatthey had set up a small market in the courtyard area. so we walked around to see what they had and it gave us an idea of what to look for when we take the bus to playa to shop in the next day. and of course they always want to make a deal with you. hah had a baby in my arms as an excuse! he's tired we have to go sorry LOL

Monday, June 9, 2008

Mexico!! Day 1

Finally made it to the resort after a long day before and getting up at 3 to get a 5 am flight.

We arrived in Cancun Airport about noon and got to the resort about an hour later. We had to drop off 2 other groups at there resorts on the way down.

We had a quick Lunch and headed to the POOL!

The first day was rainy but considering we were not in Maryland working we were good!

We meet up with our Friends Miko and Josh for Dinner they came in at about 5 ish or later we had dinner at the buffet. The food was great considering it was a buffet. The guacamole was to die for! YUMMM by this time we were done being up at 3 am to get there we turned in for the night.

O- our room was nice pretty basic two full beds , TV, Phone. had a small patio with two chairs looking out at one of the pools. bath room was tile floor with marble counter. Bath was tiled with Mexican tiles. not a very good tile job I may say the grout lines were awful but the tiles were nice, deep tub. So it was good for the price.

Here is a picture of the lagoon we went swimming in. is was off to the left of the beach area for the Ocean. it was great because it was calm and easy for Lima to jump around in and you did not have to worry about a tide taking him away. Plus there were fish for him to look at, shells and coral. he had a wonderful time splashing around in the lagoon. Pulling Liam away was at time hard

but other times he told us that he wanted a "hot dog" LOL and we would just walk up to one of the two buffets and sit down and have lunch!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mexico or so we thought!

SO we were all excited and ready to go had my swim suit, sunscreen packed. I packed all the things necessary to keep Liam from getting sun burn :two swim suite shirts, two swim suites, two hats a swim vest and PFD as well as about a gallon of sun screen to dip him into!
We get up do a few things that needed to be done around the house first. and then head to Reagan National Airport, because it was cheaper than BWI. so we arrive at 10am we are to leave at about 1 we check in go thru security and everyone is happy! We have a quick lunch thinking soon the will be loading us on the plane.... then it starts... we are delayed because of storms in Philly. grrreat ok an hour is fine . So Dennis takes Liam for a walk... ten min. later they are calling us to get on the plane???? hello you just said and hour? so we get our things and go down to the plane shuttle get on and zipp over to the plane a small puddle jumper size plane. We get our stuff in the overhead compartments and get seated Liam is excited and looking out the window pressing all the light buttons he is allowed. We are then told the A/C is not working full capacity , wonderful so we sit and sweat for a bit taxi out to the runway and sit again because now the storm is here and we have to wait for it to pass. TWO hours later in a plane with no A/C and a 23 month old jumping all over we sit as the plane rocks as the storm passes over. then are told we are going back to the terminal because there is no way we can go. Then Why the hell did you put us in the plane? we taxi back to the terminal and wait again because there are lighting warnings and no one is working the tar mack until they pass.... was it 30 min later I might have lost consciences because of the heat? so we get back into the terminal to then be told 20 min later they have canceled about 8 flights ours being one of them! Dennis stands in line for 2 hours to figure out how to get us to Mexico. Liam all the while being super patent with us and although he was running around and getting some what cranky could you blame him being in the airport for so long? So we now have a flight leaving at 5am the next day from BWI! we head home and get there at 8pm to just got to bed. I think it was 12 hours in the airport to go no where!