Monday, June 9, 2008

Mexico!! Day 1

Finally made it to the resort after a long day before and getting up at 3 to get a 5 am flight.

We arrived in Cancun Airport about noon and got to the resort about an hour later. We had to drop off 2 other groups at there resorts on the way down.

We had a quick Lunch and headed to the POOL!

The first day was rainy but considering we were not in Maryland working we were good!

We meet up with our Friends Miko and Josh for Dinner they came in at about 5 ish or later we had dinner at the buffet. The food was great considering it was a buffet. The guacamole was to die for! YUMMM by this time we were done being up at 3 am to get there we turned in for the night.

O- our room was nice pretty basic two full beds , TV, Phone. had a small patio with two chairs looking out at one of the pools. bath room was tile floor with marble counter. Bath was tiled with Mexican tiles. not a very good tile job I may say the grout lines were awful but the tiles were nice, deep tub. So it was good for the price.

Here is a picture of the lagoon we went swimming in. is was off to the left of the beach area for the Ocean. it was great because it was calm and easy for Lima to jump around in and you did not have to worry about a tide taking him away. Plus there were fish for him to look at, shells and coral. he had a wonderful time splashing around in the lagoon. Pulling Liam away was at time hard

but other times he told us that he wanted a "hot dog" LOL and we would just walk up to one of the two buffets and sit down and have lunch!

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Dennis said...

one of my favorite pics to date is the one of him in the water!