Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mexico day 2

Sorry but finally getting to it!
Day two :
started with breakfast of wonderful fruits and yogurt! there was also an omelet involved!
then of course we dressed for the pool , now if we were truly smart we would have dressed for the pool and then went to breakfast then just go right to the pool but no, I think that may have made breakfast more difficult on Liam than it already was. Being dressed for the pool and sitting in front of it not being able to go into it. Be held captive by your horrible parents and made to eat fresh fruit and eggs while be tortured at looking at the pool! So may be it was a good thing? who knows
so the rest of the day was sitting in or around the pool or lagoon! of course it was some what nice that day! I think? anyway it was spent loungeing all over the place and drinking fruity concoctions that for me were alcohol free!
Yes I took Liam out in a kayak he was great and loved everyminute of it. plus we had daddy as a propeller at some points. Dennis was snorkling next to us as we paddled in the lagoon.
Sorry the sun was in my eyes so i'm squintyLOL

Dinner was at a wonderful Japanese resturant where they do the cooking infront of you it was really good.

Laim ws intertained and had a good dinner we had sushi which he did not have and mom selected the nonraw things to eat. miso soup, veggies fried rice and chicken. so when leaving the resturant we headed back to the room only to come upon thatthey had set up a small market in the courtyard area. so we walked around to see what they had and it gave us an idea of what to look for when we take the bus to playa to shop in the next day. and of course they always want to make a deal with you. hah had a baby in my arms as an excuse! he's tired we have to go sorry LOL

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