Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mexico day 3

So day three:
we went to Playa to do a little shopping.
caught the bus. Liam decide to wait to poop on the bus so we had to wait till we got to Playa to very quickly change him. Thank goodness they were patinet with us and we were very quick!
So this day was the most perfect of all the day's of course! and HOT!
Liam was so good sitting in his Orange stroller. Not a peep maybe it was the heat? could not talk? but we gave him water , juice and ice cream that I think relived the heat somewhat and ended up in his lap mostly. But it was cooling so all was good!
We were only there till about 1pm the decided we had had enough. I got a ceramic bowl and silver earrings Dennis got a necklace and Liam got two tee-shirts.
We caught a cab back to the hotel because the bus was not coming back until 5 and we did not think we could shop that long nor stand the heat and we wanted to get back to the water!
So again we had lunch and headed to the lagoon!! wee what fun!
Today was the Paiaya day great stuff but then it was gone? I then asked Tarasita where t had gone and she said she would look the next thing I knew she was coming over to the table with a plate heeped with Paiaya( sorry for the spelling) Good stuff!
Dinner this night was at the Mexican restaurant. while waiting for it to open because we for got they were an hour behind what our watches said we went to the creperi Yummy crepes they were soo very good.
then Met with Miko and Josh for dinner. this night we brought the DVD player. seemed to work Liam was content to watch cars fro I think the 2nd time. Not a peep from him. Dinner was good but I think I liked the Japanese better so the buy the time dinner was done so were we and we headed back to the room to crash.

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Mom o'Bean said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time!