Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mexico or so we thought!

SO we were all excited and ready to go had my swim suit, sunscreen packed. I packed all the things necessary to keep Liam from getting sun burn :two swim suite shirts, two swim suites, two hats a swim vest and PFD as well as about a gallon of sun screen to dip him into!
We get up do a few things that needed to be done around the house first. and then head to Reagan National Airport, because it was cheaper than BWI. so we arrive at 10am we are to leave at about 1 we check in go thru security and everyone is happy! We have a quick lunch thinking soon the will be loading us on the plane.... then it starts... we are delayed because of storms in Philly. grrreat ok an hour is fine . So Dennis takes Liam for a walk... ten min. later they are calling us to get on the plane???? hello you just said and hour? so we get our things and go down to the plane shuttle get on and zipp over to the plane a small puddle jumper size plane. We get our stuff in the overhead compartments and get seated Liam is excited and looking out the window pressing all the light buttons he is allowed. We are then told the A/C is not working full capacity , wonderful so we sit and sweat for a bit taxi out to the runway and sit again because now the storm is here and we have to wait for it to pass. TWO hours later in a plane with no A/C and a 23 month old jumping all over we sit as the plane rocks as the storm passes over. then are told we are going back to the terminal because there is no way we can go. Then Why the hell did you put us in the plane? we taxi back to the terminal and wait again because there are lighting warnings and no one is working the tar mack until they pass.... was it 30 min later I might have lost consciences because of the heat? so we get back into the terminal to then be told 20 min later they have canceled about 8 flights ours being one of them! Dennis stands in line for 2 hours to figure out how to get us to Mexico. Liam all the while being super patent with us and although he was running around and getting some what cranky could you blame him being in the airport for so long? So we now have a flight leaving at 5am the next day from BWI! we head home and get there at 8pm to just got to bed. I think it was 12 hours in the airport to go no where!

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