Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oops we got caught!

Not our usual leave for work today. I had a Dr. apt so we left a bit later this morning and unfortunately Poor Liam caught us as we were leaving. Of course he started to cry did not want mommy to leave. I trying to explain to a 2 year old that mommy and daddy had to go to work and would be back later really does not sink in to a child of this age.
So I left he screaming and crying with Nana and grampy ( I hope it did not last too long)
and I know he opened the door to come after us. Poor thing I know he does not understand the concept of time yet and that we are not leaving for good. But it breaks you heart to hear him sob and cry after you.( snif, snif)
On the other hand........................... the Dr apt!
met with the new DR. a Male not sure I'm liking it but we'll see how it goes in the next 2-3 months. my regular Dr already knows I'm not to happy with this considering that is why I chose her because she is a girl. So we shall see.
I have to take my hour glucose test(SP) to see I also told him as I told my other Dr. that I was not doing the 3 hour because I will not do that again and consider my self diabetic if I fail the hour test. so he was fine with that, like I gave him the option to make a judgement!LOL
so all in all good apt. we will see who I will get still not totally comfortable with a man delivering a baby .. humm will have to think it over if I'll allow that to happen? see what I can schedule if I have to... LOL

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Coach Bag!!

Who would not love a Coach Bag!! and to win it for free how cool would that be. stumbling around the blogs came across Contests for MOM's so I thought hey why not look and found from there this awesome coach bag up for grabs!! Just hit my link to La Vie de Laurie and there it is!! so pretty all in pink!! so nice so cute it would go so nice this Summer. it would look so wonderful on my arm!! fingers crossed to see if the winner may be me!

Monday, July 28, 2008


My hubby said you are never meant to move back with your parents or have your parents move in with you!
So true!!
It's been 6 months !
The short time I was promised has come and gone.
Mom is suppose to be buying a house down here near us and it seem as if she sabotages it every time. I think this has been the 4 or 5th house I'm hoping this one goes thru because I can't , well we can not be doing it any more. It's too much to have her in the house any more. We are a family of 3 with one on the way we don't even have a third bedroom for the new baby what makes her think we have anymore room for her. she has taken over my son's play room because she can't sleep in the guest room we did over with the new bathroom because she gets sick in the mornings. Her stuff is running over all our things she is taking things with out asking. and has move items out of the house with out telling us(our cat tree is now ruined due to her putting it behind the shed) this thing if bought is like over 100.00 bucks ruined because she took it upon herself to move it to make more room for herself while telling me it was because Liam was allergic to the cats well he was not in that room because you were in there so how could he come in contact with it if you've take up the space!? I'm so frustrated.... how do you tell your mother that this is it she's got to find a place to go?

Friday, July 25, 2008

SO Life with a butterfly or dragonfly!

SO to give a little more information on the newest addition to the family who is suppose to make his/her appearance on October 31st, Yes Halloween.
This time around unlike my first PG with Liam. I have a butterfly/ or dragonfly. Liam was so calm and hardly moved at all. This time I have a mover. moves all the time there are a few quite times but not may. the morning sickness is another thing totally different from Liam he was like clock work every day at 5pm I was sick and could not eat chicken wings. I since got over the fear of the chicken wing and can eat them happily again but this one had me on the couch sick as a dog. not being able to keep anything down for days not just certain times of the day but all day toast , water nothing was going to stay in my stomach if he/she had anything to do with it!
With #2 also I think it took longer fro me to look PG not sure if it was the weight loss I had before I figured out I was PG or what. Even DH commented on how much longer it took. other than that things are pretty normal. I think I'm getting the high blood pressure I got with Liam swollen ankles and shoe that don't fit. I've started checking the blood pressure and wondering if I'm going to be gestational Diabetes again . I have not had that yet I slightly passed my test the first time. I also told the Dr. I was not doing the 3 hour test again that if I did fail it I would consider my self diabetic and do the diet thing again. So I fear that test will be coming in the next Dr. visit. So... I don't think there is anything else to tell if there are any items that may help your guess let me know and I'll post them! thanks for looking

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Melt down?

Not sure what happened yesterday when we got home but Liam was sleeping on the love seat and dad was making dinner. We sat down to eat and Liam woke up half way through. We asked him if he wanted to eat he said no. so we left him alone. when Dennis was done he went over and talked to him and realized he needed a diaper change. and in the middle of it he started to cry. Never stopping after the diaper was change and continued we asked what was wrong, like a 2 year old could explain to us the problems he was having but anything we did just seemed to make him more upset. so we decided to leave him alone. that made him upset more. trying to hold him made him scream. so after and while of trying to console him daddy took him up stairs. what he did or said not sure but in 10 min he was finally calm down and wanting to come back down stairs. the cute thing was he called to me and said " sorry mommy" I asked why he go so upset like again he would tell me some story? yeah. but he took ever blanket he had in his room down stairs and sat with me for about 10 min. I was then able to get some strawberry milk(Liam's fav) in to him and he asked for toast that did not get eaten? O-well things seemed fine and he went off with daddy to Bass pro to see the fish. I think they got home around 10 because I was slightly awakened by a tiny voice saying "night mommy" and I was able to get up slightly to kiss Liam good night as he ran out of the room to brush his teeth.
All was good now?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

bad mommy!

It's so sad I never have time to post here I'm so bad ... well I sometimes really have nothing to tell. I'm not that creative in blogging doing lists of things and stories in my so called life here.
so not sure how much longer this will last? So sad...
anyway I have not been here since well it looks like a month ago. Nice(sarcastic)
So in that time here is what has happened.
1. Liam turned 2!!
Yippie we had a nice BBQ DH set up his amazing grill and we had hamburgers, hot dogs, sweet Italian sausage with grilled onions and peppers, Beans , coleslaw and potato salad. there were a few other items to eat nothing to amazing. and of course the Wonderful cake from Sugerbakers!YUMMM
The birthday theme was monkey's but you would hardly know that I had a few decorations around but Not allot to really take notice plus we were outside so it was more like a huge picnic for everyone!
2. 4th of July,
wonderful time at our fiends house who just so happens to live on the Parade route of the Severna Park Parade route! how awesome is that! Had a wonderful Breakfast and great munchies during the parade!
3. DH and I took the second part of his fathers day gift. I had bought him cooking classes for Fathers day and he wanted me to join him on the second one. It was fun and I learned a bit. and of course the food was great! We got to eat what we made at the end of the class. so It was a three potato salad, blue cheese burgers, Chile, cornbread and ice cream so now I think I may have to purchase and ice cream machine , but that will be when the kitchen is renovated.. so like that will be in 5-10 years?
4. Had to head to Florida for a Memorial service. MY grandmother passed away this past week so we jetted down there for the service. But on the flip side I got to see my aunts and uncle and meet 2 newest members to the family my cousin just got her two beautiful babies BrainMicheal and Ava Simone(after my grandmother guess there maybe two Simone's in the family). so sweet.
so that's the updated news here. besides that nothing here.. yes there are pictures of all this stuff but I again don't have access to them on this computer and will have to see if I can do anything when I get home. Every time I try to get on the computer I have these little hands in my way trying to play with the computer and do what I do. so it's very hard for me to do anything until he goes to bed then I always head to bed right after remembering that I wanted to download something 10 min. after I put my head on the pillow. Great I think and then fall asleep to forget what I wanted to do and then it goes for about a month or so and then I realize I have not been here and look at my pitiful bog and think..... can I do this?