Tuesday, July 22, 2008

bad mommy!

It's so sad I never have time to post here I'm so bad ... well I sometimes really have nothing to tell. I'm not that creative in blogging doing lists of things and stories in my so called life here.
so not sure how much longer this will last? So sad...
anyway I have not been here since well it looks like a month ago. Nice(sarcastic)
So in that time here is what has happened.
1. Liam turned 2!!
Yippie we had a nice BBQ DH set up his amazing grill and we had hamburgers, hot dogs, sweet Italian sausage with grilled onions and peppers, Beans , coleslaw and potato salad. there were a few other items to eat nothing to amazing. and of course the Wonderful cake from Sugerbakers!YUMMM
The birthday theme was monkey's but you would hardly know that I had a few decorations around but Not allot to really take notice plus we were outside so it was more like a huge picnic for everyone!
2. 4th of July,
wonderful time at our fiends house who just so happens to live on the Parade route of the Severna Park Parade route! how awesome is that! Had a wonderful Breakfast and great munchies during the parade!
3. DH and I took the second part of his fathers day gift. I had bought him cooking classes for Fathers day and he wanted me to join him on the second one. It was fun and I learned a bit. and of course the food was great! We got to eat what we made at the end of the class. so It was a three potato salad, blue cheese burgers, Chile, cornbread and ice cream so now I think I may have to purchase and ice cream machine , but that will be when the kitchen is renovated.. so like that will be in 5-10 years?
4. Had to head to Florida for a Memorial service. MY grandmother passed away this past week so we jetted down there for the service. But on the flip side I got to see my aunts and uncle and meet 2 newest members to the family my cousin just got her two beautiful babies BrainMicheal and Ava Simone(after my grandmother guess there maybe two Simone's in the family). so sweet.
so that's the updated news here. besides that nothing here.. yes there are pictures of all this stuff but I again don't have access to them on this computer and will have to see if I can do anything when I get home. Every time I try to get on the computer I have these little hands in my way trying to play with the computer and do what I do. so it's very hard for me to do anything until he goes to bed then I always head to bed right after remembering that I wanted to download something 10 min. after I put my head on the pillow. Great I think and then fall asleep to forget what I wanted to do and then it goes for about a month or so and then I realize I have not been here and look at my pitiful bog and think..... can I do this?

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CaraBee said...

The birthday party was great - definitely yummy food and oh my that cake was delish! Sorry to hear about your grandmother. :(