Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Melt down?

Not sure what happened yesterday when we got home but Liam was sleeping on the love seat and dad was making dinner. We sat down to eat and Liam woke up half way through. We asked him if he wanted to eat he said no. so we left him alone. when Dennis was done he went over and talked to him and realized he needed a diaper change. and in the middle of it he started to cry. Never stopping after the diaper was change and continued we asked what was wrong, like a 2 year old could explain to us the problems he was having but anything we did just seemed to make him more upset. so we decided to leave him alone. that made him upset more. trying to hold him made him scream. so after and while of trying to console him daddy took him up stairs. what he did or said not sure but in 10 min he was finally calm down and wanting to come back down stairs. the cute thing was he called to me and said " sorry mommy" I asked why he go so upset like again he would tell me some story? yeah. but he took ever blanket he had in his room down stairs and sat with me for about 10 min. I was then able to get some strawberry milk(Liam's fav) in to him and he asked for toast that did not get eaten? O-well things seemed fine and he went off with daddy to Bass pro to see the fish. I think they got home around 10 because I was slightly awakened by a tiny voice saying "night mommy" and I was able to get up slightly to kiss Liam good night as he ran out of the room to brush his teeth.
All was good now?

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