Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oops we got caught!

Not our usual leave for work today. I had a Dr. apt so we left a bit later this morning and unfortunately Poor Liam caught us as we were leaving. Of course he started to cry did not want mommy to leave. I trying to explain to a 2 year old that mommy and daddy had to go to work and would be back later really does not sink in to a child of this age.
So I left he screaming and crying with Nana and grampy ( I hope it did not last too long)
and I know he opened the door to come after us. Poor thing I know he does not understand the concept of time yet and that we are not leaving for good. But it breaks you heart to hear him sob and cry after you.( snif, snif)
On the other hand........................... the Dr apt!
met with the new DR. a Male not sure I'm liking it but we'll see how it goes in the next 2-3 months. my regular Dr already knows I'm not to happy with this considering that is why I chose her because she is a girl. So we shall see.
I have to take my hour glucose test(SP) to see I also told him as I told my other Dr. that I was not doing the 3 hour because I will not do that again and consider my self diabetic if I fail the hour test. so he was fine with that, like I gave him the option to make a judgement!LOL
so all in all good apt. we will see who I will get still not totally comfortable with a man delivering a baby .. humm will have to think it over if I'll allow that to happen? see what I can schedule if I have to... LOL

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Hillary said...

Ooo, few thigns are harder than leaving a child who is sobbing for you. I have a ten year old and seven year old and my seven year old had a hard time all year leaving me for school. Oh the tears! A good student, a good teacher, no problems per se...she just wanted me. It's heartbreaking.

Thanks for visiting my blog and thank you for your comments. How exciting that you're expecting soon. Ohhhhhhhhhhh to have another baby!