Monday, July 28, 2008


My hubby said you are never meant to move back with your parents or have your parents move in with you!
So true!!
It's been 6 months !
The short time I was promised has come and gone.
Mom is suppose to be buying a house down here near us and it seem as if she sabotages it every time. I think this has been the 4 or 5th house I'm hoping this one goes thru because I can't , well we can not be doing it any more. It's too much to have her in the house any more. We are a family of 3 with one on the way we don't even have a third bedroom for the new baby what makes her think we have anymore room for her. she has taken over my son's play room because she can't sleep in the guest room we did over with the new bathroom because she gets sick in the mornings. Her stuff is running over all our things she is taking things with out asking. and has move items out of the house with out telling us(our cat tree is now ruined due to her putting it behind the shed) this thing if bought is like over 100.00 bucks ruined because she took it upon herself to move it to make more room for herself while telling me it was because Liam was allergic to the cats well he was not in that room because you were in there so how could he come in contact with it if you've take up the space!? I'm so frustrated.... how do you tell your mother that this is it she's got to find a place to go?


CaraBee said...

I can't imagine being in your position! I guess you just have to tell her the truth and hope she doesn't get too offended. Or couch it by saying that you need the space for the new baby. So tough. I feel for you.

momto1 said...

We were the crashers--staying for a while with both my parents, and my in-laws. We were living with my in-laws when we had Stink...something I really didn't want to do, and we didn't have to do, but my DH thought would be a good idea so we didn't have to "settle" on a house. After nearly becoming homicidal (due to pg hormones I'm sure) we moved into an apartment. Much better!! Regardless, it is hard to adjust--no matter what! Good luck!

Dana said...

that is NOT a fun situation. we were on the other end, 9 months pregnant and not able to find a house. BUT it was with a couple from church. that was hard, but i seriously think it would have been a thousand times worse had it been either of our parent's house.

It's definitely easier to suggest that you just talk to her when you're not the one having to do the talking, i don't think i would be able to be honest with my mom. but that may be what needs to take place. just try to point out as many "good" things you can think of about her being there, but be honest with her that it's putting too great a strain on you and your family and your relationship with her. she might be hurt at first, but really no one wants someone to be secretly angry at them. hopefully she'll be able to appreciate your honesty and effort to save the relationship.
i'll be praying for you and her.

Michelle said...

Totally feel for ya! We stayed with my MIL when we relocated. It was only for 3 months, but I thought for sure there was going to be blood-shed. I'm glad we got out just in time!

Maybe the hubby can step up and drop some subtle hints?? That's what I had to do!