Friday, July 25, 2008

SO Life with a butterfly or dragonfly!

SO to give a little more information on the newest addition to the family who is suppose to make his/her appearance on October 31st, Yes Halloween.
This time around unlike my first PG with Liam. I have a butterfly/ or dragonfly. Liam was so calm and hardly moved at all. This time I have a mover. moves all the time there are a few quite times but not may. the morning sickness is another thing totally different from Liam he was like clock work every day at 5pm I was sick and could not eat chicken wings. I since got over the fear of the chicken wing and can eat them happily again but this one had me on the couch sick as a dog. not being able to keep anything down for days not just certain times of the day but all day toast , water nothing was going to stay in my stomach if he/she had anything to do with it!
With #2 also I think it took longer fro me to look PG not sure if it was the weight loss I had before I figured out I was PG or what. Even DH commented on how much longer it took. other than that things are pretty normal. I think I'm getting the high blood pressure I got with Liam swollen ankles and shoe that don't fit. I've started checking the blood pressure and wondering if I'm going to be gestational Diabetes again . I have not had that yet I slightly passed my test the first time. I also told the Dr. I was not doing the 3 hour test again that if I did fail it I would consider my self diabetic and do the diet thing again. So I fear that test will be coming in the next Dr. visit. So... I don't think there is anything else to tell if there are any items that may help your guess let me know and I'll post them! thanks for looking


CaraBee said...

Such a great picture of you three!! Can't wait to meet the new little one!

Dennis said...

Wow look at you on a roll! three post in five days!

BTW DH = Dennis! :)


Michelle said...

My due date with my youngest son was Halloween, too! I'm really glad he came early; I did NOT want his birthday on Halloween.

Ms. J. to you! said...

Awww! Good luck with the pregnancy! What a cute family you have! Thanks for stopping by my blog!