Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What to do with your trick or treat bag when not holding treats!

Last night as Liam get's ready for bed He notices his treat bag for Halloween I was looking for and found. I had hung it on his mirror as not to lose it yet again. So daddy was reading a story and he wanted it. I was called in from the next room to find this!!

So for all of you wondering what to do with your treat bag before and after Halloween here you go!

We think we sould send him to Jamacia to join a band?
The bag is the spider from pottery barn.

Monday, August 25, 2008


O it was so great to see him! He's so big and talking about everything. I have been told he jumped off the deep end of the pool and was swimming around like a fish. All with his swimmy vest on. Some people (I was told) found it hard to believe he is two. Yeah he is tall for his age. I think. but he seems to have grown up in those two weeks he was gone! Aww it was great just to sit and watch him play! I have to get the pictures from mom!! to post any! of course he did not want to go to bed he wanted to be with mommy and daddy. but he was tired and I got him down. brush the teeth, wash the face and two bed books. he then proceeded to throw every stuffed animal he has in bed with him and climb in. I was like id there room for Liam in there? he just climbed on top of them. and I had to cover with both blankets. it's so nice to have him home
although he was up this morning at 6:30 and I had to get him to lay back down till everyone got up. Hope he did I had to bribe him with a granola bar. LOL
but he had to tell me I had to change his diaper and then when I put him up on the changing table he was like wrong way and turned himself around.LOL all full of conversation this am. So glad we signed him up from swim class but he may have exceeded the mommy and me one's we are suppose to do and we'll have to upgrade to private lessons? we'll see the first wed of September!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


SO I did not think it went bad until I sat here and thought about it for a while. I think the DR. was calling me fat and lazy? saying that I had a 50/50 chance of being diabetic because I have gestational diabetes and that it runs in my family. Thanks the proceeds to tell me my numbers are high and that he wants to test me in the office. Fine I think. Dennis has the wonderful idea to test with my monitor at the same time. theirs reads 85 mine reads 119 so someone is off? so I'm getting a new monitor today. because he also mentioned taking insulin... aaa no I don't think so thank you but no. let's see what the new monitor say's and then he has me going over to the diabetes center in the hospital and of course they don't call my cel phone which I gave them to call me instead of the house since I get home late. so I'll have to deal with that tomorrow. GRRREEEAT!
then he looks at my blood pressure numbers and say's there too high still and that the one in the office are too high also... and have I been diagnosed with hypertension before.. again AAAAAAA- NO there too. this is after my normal Dr. , Dr. T has said to stay under 140/90 is were I need to be and that is normally where I've been. until this fool is telling me no there still to high. would you like me to just lay down and not move to get a low pressure?
So I emailed my normal DR., Dr T and asked her what she thought I also made the or tried to make my net apt. with her but could not so the one after the next will be with her so I can talk to her about it. unless I get an email back from her sooner than 4 weeks. next apt. is in 2 weeks with the man that thinks I do everything wrong. LOL Grreaat and then they wonder why lotsa women DO NOT LIKE MALE OBGYN's thank you for proving a point!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So Fay has been down graded to a tropical storm. just talked with my folks and they said everything is fine in Fort Myers Beach. A lite rain and people are walking on the beach this morning. So My little guy is safe. Just can't wait to see him!

Monday, August 18, 2008


So Liam is away, Dennis went fishing in ocean city. And I'm alone to do what ever I want!! Woohoo (do a little dance).
So I had made an appointment to get a facial at 10:30 am
I woke at about 8:30am
got my butt out of bed about 8:45 to shower and dress down for breakfast at 9 am
Left the house at 9:45 to stop at Kholes to return a blouse and get a new bra that fell apart , not sure they would take it back but they did and I got 2 new ones (yeahy)
deposit at bank at 10:15is and then off to the salon for my facial woohooo.
Facial was awesome and she massages my arms and back it was the most relaxing hour and a half! bliss
so Now it's 12 noon. stop by Tuesday morning find a blanket like Liam's for the baby. (good find)
Head down to Sweet Pea Repeats to see the new stuff they got in the place was full on moms and grandmothers. got a few things for Liam for the winter and the new baby a few items. Did not see a crib Hoping to get one at the wee sale this Sat.
1pm Head to Garry's for lunch have a chicken wrap and salad with Ice tea. the waiteress continually calling me sweaty and hun , hate that. That did not do so well fro my sugars they went up must have been the chicken it was fried.
head to the market to pick up a few things on sale, Greek yogurt, Yumm lower sugar than the others and much creamer!! yummmy got a steak I thought I could grill up for Dennis and I that evening and some Fresh veggies.
drop off at the house.
4pm head to the nail shop to get a pedicure! woohoo relaxing once again. warm bubbly water around my feet.
the Girl at the shop is also due in Sept. she so tiny she looks like she's ready all the Asian ladies in the salon say I'm carrying a girl. I'm like really hummmm.
So finish that head back home and plop my self on the couch at about 5pm
Fewww Nice day. watch the Olympics
call Dennis .. steak on hold for now heat my self some chicken and butter nut squash for dinner
9 pm comes around and I'm done! head to bed
awesome day!


So as you all know Liam is with his grandparents in Florida.. and Guess who's coming.... FAY!
SO my DH is in a panic wanting me to call. I called last night everything seems fine I'll call yet again this afternoon. To make sure things are still fine and see if I can talk with my dad because sometime mom does not get things right well lets say more often than not mom does not get things right. LOL
SO that's that for now I'm sure they are fine and they would not put Liam in harms way.

Friday, August 15, 2008

First Test

So I got my test strips last night.. woo hooo and this am my fastig sugar was high at 125 so when I had breakfast ( 2 hard boiled eggs and coffee) it went up to 145 so I think my last hurra I had last night at the sushi place put me over.. LOL so no more sushi for me. The rice did me in!
So that's it for that! salads and veggies here I come! Salad for lunch to day!! yummm

so I took my next test afetr lunch and I got 111 not to bad!! so I'm heading down the right track! woohoo

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Glucose Test

So I think I got out of doing the 3 hour glucose test! Yippie I just have to monitor my blood sager instead and deal with it that way so I am considering my self gestational diabetic because I failed my 2nd blood sugar test it was 180 which I know is way to high. So the Dr. has to prescribe me the test strips and I'll be all set! I have the monitor form last time and I'm good I have everything. so Hopefully I can start doing it tonight if the prescription is called in today.
So I'm happy about that but not so much that I have to watch what I eat but I've been being more careful since the test results sooooo. no more ice cream not more pasta or pizza, no fries or bread just veggies and protein.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Totally stolen from a new Blog friend, Maria!!!
OK Here it goes I'll do my best but I may have to come back to add to ones I'm not sure of right now.
A- first thing that comes to mind is my brother Adam he's now living way out in Colorado living the life of a skier, climber and what ever else he can get into.

B- Baby bean more like jumping bean in my stomach boy is this one a kicker, moving like he/she is ready to get OUT! LOL

C- Cats, We had 4 but we are now down to 2 we lost our two fav's Max and Mozart with in about 6 months of each other now we have Princess and Deuteronomy to keep us company.

I- indigestion .... WOW still kicking thank goodness for Zantac! praise the lord!

D- Dieting, yes I know that's not what your suppose to do when Preggo but again I have Gestational Diabetes so a new diet has been introduced.. low sugar and trying to keep the blood pressure down as well weee what fun

E- Erie feeling of silence when I get home as you all know we are with outLiam till next weeks. I hear crickets!

F- Fishing - off shore to be exact is what my hubby does for fun. the treats that are brought back are great! which also reminds me of fish and chips can't seem to get a good fish and chip since I came to MD but there have been some close ones!

G- Gelato! yummm there's a great place around the corner from us in town yummy stuff

H- Home sweet home Now it's Maryland but I grew up in Ri in a po-dunk town in the middle of no where and I know your thinking RI is too small to have a no where but it does!!

I- Insomnia - woohoo only get it when I'm PG so thank goodness I'm almost at the end! some days it's not so bad others I just can't go back to sleep.

J- Jello the red kind yummy and with lots of whipping cream LOL


L- Liam my son the special boy in my life right next to my hubby but right now Liam's cuter! sorry Dennis


N- Nursery well the second one will have to share Liam's room until we are able to add on to our house. A plan that has been in the works since we bought the place about 3 years ago November!

R- Restroom I've been seeing allot more of you LOL that's what being preggo does!

S- shopping not something I do allot but when I do I sometimes can go crazy I have to stay away from certain stores.. Ann Taylor, Loft, red envelope , Tuesday mornings, just to name a few.

T- Thomas the train... I have not missed that guy as much as I do now that my son is on vacation and I have not had to watch a single episode!

U- under ware can I just say that the undergarments I have do not last. geees I need more which then leads to the shopping LOL


W- water or waterfront property something I hope we an work up to it's the plan! to have a house on the water not that it has to be the ocean but on the river or something that would be nice

Y- y me sometimes is what I think bt then it can be a good thing and not a bad depends on what is going on

Z- ZOOM hoping to day will go by extremely fast so Friday can get here!
see I told you I'll have to get back to this later..... LOL
I'll fill it out I promise!


YEAH it's NOTHING!!!!!
the silence at times is defining at the house.
there's not running of little feet on the floor or crashing of toy trains together, no giggling or hi mommy, daddy. no Come here or I want ca's, movie...... the jumping on the sofa and laughing so quite
but then there is not crying and screaming of NOOOOO
but I do miss those big blue eyes and those aw some hugs and kisses when I come home!

Monday, August 11, 2008


This say's it all

Liam's On Vacation!

SO.. It was done on Saturday after a long afternoon with the family at the Reunion and about 4 hours of swimming Liam was sent on his way with Grampy and Nana to Florida. We had a wonderful Sat with him and it sucked to see him go of course I cried as he left and I'm crying now talking about it LOL
Shaking it off......

OK So I know he's having a good time because I've talked to my mom about 3 times since they left. He has asked for us but Nana tells him were working and will see us soon. So they stopped in GA for peaches and I guess Liam went to wash his hands and feet off at a spigit and then decided to take off his shirt and pants to really clean up! LOL (boy does he love water)

and then of course the diaper was around his knees so he had a little free for all cleaning up!

Sunday Dennis and I had a nice day going to breakfast with some friends and then heading to Annapolis for the afternoon. We walked around a bit. bought a few things and then ended the day over at Pussers restaurant on the water and watched the boats go by. about 4 it started to rain a bit so we are asked if we would like to move inside. so as soon as we sat down inside it started to hail! about the size of nickels people were coming in drenched! So glad we moved!

Anyway The house has been very quite with out Liam.. I miss him terribly but I know he's having fun in Florida with the Beach and the gulf of Mexico and of course the pool!

here are a few pictures of him before he left at the reunion.

Doesn't he look like he's having a wonderful conversation! LOL

Thursday, August 7, 2008

AAAHHHH Insomnia your not my friend....

SO I went to bead at 9:30 not to bad prob fell asleep at 10 ish and yet here I am at 12:45 wide awake.... GREAT.. isn't pregnancy great! NOT!
or is it the fact that I'm pissed over the fact my parents seem to think it's OK to assume that just because they asked to take Liam and I said I would discuss it with DH. that it was OK for them to take him................ YET when I ask for a plan I get nothing.... no date there leaving, no Time there coming back.. but yeah It's fine you take my one and only son and leave with him and not tell me when your going????
Are ya nutz?
yes, your my parents I know your not going to do anything to hurt him but this is the first time he'll be away from us Give us something?
So I state to them last night that until I get a plan Liam is not going anywhere... and of course I get the blank stare of what do you mean I thought you said it was OK ???? when did I say that???
I said I would talk it over with DH, You assumed it was OK..but you still have yet to give me a time line not to mention your now telling me your leaving Friday and will not be here for the Family reunion on Sat. that we had planned on going....
I know there are the all important DR appointments that my father HAS to get to on Monday. IS it irrational to leave on sat afternoon? I'm not sure to drive on the safe side to get there is it possible to do? am I being to over bearing?
Well maybe that's why I'm up at 12:45 typing this.......
insomnia joy o- bliss
So do I ask yet again about the time Line I got were leaving Friday..... what time? not sure and a week went to 12 day's to well be back somewhere around the 20th should I hold them to it?
Then I also feel like mom has filled my fathers head with things like we don't want them here.. some sort of snide remark was made and I was like what?! it's not that I don't want them here but helloo Mother you've been living with us for 7 months GET OUT!!! now that you have FINALLY closed on a house. you should not be surprised that we want our house back! and I have nothing against my dad but I think he's been around my mother too much and she's been telling him somethings that are not true! and I feel now like he's pissed at us for what I'm not sure, I feel some sort of tension... not sure how or why and I hate to confront them... I almost started crying over them taking Liam and not telling me the plan...
I think this is normal..........? So I sit here in the dark on the couch not knowing what to do ?
Do I write another note that will most definitely be ignored yet again ? or tell them that I'll be calling them today sometime to talk about this? or Both? I'm so frustrated!!
give me a min.....
OK back

not sure what the answer is here?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Liam's first trip without Mom and Dad?

So the other night my father said he had to head back to Florida for week or so but would be back . Ok , no biggie I'm thinking ... then he throws in "We would like to take Liam with us" I'm like "we" as in you and Mom? ( you must first know.. my parents are not together... but seem to be getting very chummy since Liam's arrival 2 years ago) I'm Like U-H Ok I think Let me talk it over with DH and I'll get back to you. I think it's fine with me but want to talk with Dennis about it. Dad said OK I just wanted to ask and would appreciate it if you would think about it. So this was this past weekend I left a note this Am asking for times of leaving how long and when they would be back. and Very important How many stops would be made and duration of the stop to rest. We took the trip back with my dad after the funeral and did it in 24 hours. not fun and not safe so I wanted to make sure Liam would not be strapped in again for that amount of time and that My father would rest. He does not give up driving to easy. SO the other thing is too that the family reunion is this weekend and I'm not sure when they are leaving I asked dad last night and he was not sure they would be here so I have to factor that in that Liam would miss the family reunion which DH is not happy about. Understandable but.... So there is it will have to see the response I get and then there is the fact my mother is suppose to close on a house this week we'll See LOL

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Twins

Just wanted to post a pic of the new addition to the family

The Twins

Brian and Ava

snug as a bug by the pool side!
the will be three months this month!