Thursday, August 14, 2008

Glucose Test

So I think I got out of doing the 3 hour glucose test! Yippie I just have to monitor my blood sager instead and deal with it that way so I am considering my self gestational diabetic because I failed my 2nd blood sugar test it was 180 which I know is way to high. So the Dr. has to prescribe me the test strips and I'll be all set! I have the monitor form last time and I'm good I have everything. so Hopefully I can start doing it tonight if the prescription is called in today.
So I'm happy about that but not so much that I have to watch what I eat but I've been being more careful since the test results sooooo. no more ice cream not more pasta or pizza, no fries or bread just veggies and protein.

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Ashley said...

Oh, Lordy! Good luck girl! Those are all my weaknesses!

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