Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Liam's first trip without Mom and Dad?

So the other night my father said he had to head back to Florida for week or so but would be back . Ok , no biggie I'm thinking ... then he throws in "We would like to take Liam with us" I'm like "we" as in you and Mom? ( you must first know.. my parents are not together... but seem to be getting very chummy since Liam's arrival 2 years ago) I'm Like U-H Ok I think Let me talk it over with DH and I'll get back to you. I think it's fine with me but want to talk with Dennis about it. Dad said OK I just wanted to ask and would appreciate it if you would think about it. So this was this past weekend I left a note this Am asking for times of leaving how long and when they would be back. and Very important How many stops would be made and duration of the stop to rest. We took the trip back with my dad after the funeral and did it in 24 hours. not fun and not safe so I wanted to make sure Liam would not be strapped in again for that amount of time and that My father would rest. He does not give up driving to easy. SO the other thing is too that the family reunion is this weekend and I'm not sure when they are leaving I asked dad last night and he was not sure they would be here so I have to factor that in that Liam would miss the family reunion which DH is not happy about. Understandable but.... So there is it will have to see the response I get and then there is the fact my mother is suppose to close on a house this week we'll See LOL

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Hillary said...

Wow, that's big stuff - letting a little one go on a road trip......even with your parent(s). It's one of those things where you "know" they'll be fine, but not being right there with your child creates some anxiety. Hope it all works out without too much stress!