Monday, August 11, 2008

Liam's On Vacation!

SO.. It was done on Saturday after a long afternoon with the family at the Reunion and about 4 hours of swimming Liam was sent on his way with Grampy and Nana to Florida. We had a wonderful Sat with him and it sucked to see him go of course I cried as he left and I'm crying now talking about it LOL
Shaking it off......

OK So I know he's having a good time because I've talked to my mom about 3 times since they left. He has asked for us but Nana tells him were working and will see us soon. So they stopped in GA for peaches and I guess Liam went to wash his hands and feet off at a spigit and then decided to take off his shirt and pants to really clean up! LOL (boy does he love water)

and then of course the diaper was around his knees so he had a little free for all cleaning up!

Sunday Dennis and I had a nice day going to breakfast with some friends and then heading to Annapolis for the afternoon. We walked around a bit. bought a few things and then ended the day over at Pussers restaurant on the water and watched the boats go by. about 4 it started to rain a bit so we are asked if we would like to move inside. so as soon as we sat down inside it started to hail! about the size of nickels people were coming in drenched! So glad we moved!

Anyway The house has been very quite with out Liam.. I miss him terribly but I know he's having fun in Florida with the Beach and the gulf of Mexico and of course the pool!

here are a few pictures of him before he left at the reunion.

Doesn't he look like he's having a wonderful conversation! LOL

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CaraBee said...

Super cute pictures! I can't imagine a kid-free house. Yowza!