Monday, August 18, 2008


So Liam is away, Dennis went fishing in ocean city. And I'm alone to do what ever I want!! Woohoo (do a little dance).
So I had made an appointment to get a facial at 10:30 am
I woke at about 8:30am
got my butt out of bed about 8:45 to shower and dress down for breakfast at 9 am
Left the house at 9:45 to stop at Kholes to return a blouse and get a new bra that fell apart , not sure they would take it back but they did and I got 2 new ones (yeahy)
deposit at bank at 10:15is and then off to the salon for my facial woohooo.
Facial was awesome and she massages my arms and back it was the most relaxing hour and a half! bliss
so Now it's 12 noon. stop by Tuesday morning find a blanket like Liam's for the baby. (good find)
Head down to Sweet Pea Repeats to see the new stuff they got in the place was full on moms and grandmothers. got a few things for Liam for the winter and the new baby a few items. Did not see a crib Hoping to get one at the wee sale this Sat.
1pm Head to Garry's for lunch have a chicken wrap and salad with Ice tea. the waiteress continually calling me sweaty and hun , hate that. That did not do so well fro my sugars they went up must have been the chicken it was fried.
head to the market to pick up a few things on sale, Greek yogurt, Yumm lower sugar than the others and much creamer!! yummmy got a steak I thought I could grill up for Dennis and I that evening and some Fresh veggies.
drop off at the house.
4pm head to the nail shop to get a pedicure! woohoo relaxing once again. warm bubbly water around my feet.
the Girl at the shop is also due in Sept. she so tiny she looks like she's ready all the Asian ladies in the salon say I'm carrying a girl. I'm like really hummmm.
So finish that head back home and plop my self on the couch at about 5pm
Fewww Nice day. watch the Olympics
call Dennis .. steak on hold for now heat my self some chicken and butter nut squash for dinner
9 pm comes around and I'm done! head to bed
awesome day!


CaraBee said...

Oh, I need a day like that!

Michelle said...

So jealous... Enjoy it now before baby comes!

Mama's Losin' It said...

Now YOU know how to spend your day off!! Sounds SOOOO nice!

Debateur said...

facial and pedicure on the same day. Sounds divine.

Jonara Blu Maui said...

Hi! It's nice to meet you! Thanks for your comment on my blog :)

Sounds like you had an awesome day! And so glad to hear that the storm calmed down..thats so scarey being separated from your little one with the storm on the way. I've got friends over in Florida as they have been keeping me updated.