Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Totally stolen from a new Blog friend, Maria!!!
OK Here it goes I'll do my best but I may have to come back to add to ones I'm not sure of right now.
A- first thing that comes to mind is my brother Adam he's now living way out in Colorado living the life of a skier, climber and what ever else he can get into.

B- Baby bean more like jumping bean in my stomach boy is this one a kicker, moving like he/she is ready to get OUT! LOL

C- Cats, We had 4 but we are now down to 2 we lost our two fav's Max and Mozart with in about 6 months of each other now we have Princess and Deuteronomy to keep us company.

I- indigestion .... WOW still kicking thank goodness for Zantac! praise the lord!

D- Dieting, yes I know that's not what your suppose to do when Preggo but again I have Gestational Diabetes so a new diet has been introduced.. low sugar and trying to keep the blood pressure down as well weee what fun

E- Erie feeling of silence when I get home as you all know we are with outLiam till next weeks. I hear crickets!

F- Fishing - off shore to be exact is what my hubby does for fun. the treats that are brought back are great! which also reminds me of fish and chips can't seem to get a good fish and chip since I came to MD but there have been some close ones!

G- Gelato! yummm there's a great place around the corner from us in town yummy stuff

H- Home sweet home Now it's Maryland but I grew up in Ri in a po-dunk town in the middle of no where and I know your thinking RI is too small to have a no where but it does!!

I- Insomnia - woohoo only get it when I'm PG so thank goodness I'm almost at the end! some days it's not so bad others I just can't go back to sleep.

J- Jello the red kind yummy and with lots of whipping cream LOL


L- Liam my son the special boy in my life right next to my hubby but right now Liam's cuter! sorry Dennis


N- Nursery well the second one will have to share Liam's room until we are able to add on to our house. A plan that has been in the works since we bought the place about 3 years ago November!

R- Restroom I've been seeing allot more of you LOL that's what being preggo does!

S- shopping not something I do allot but when I do I sometimes can go crazy I have to stay away from certain stores.. Ann Taylor, Loft, red envelope , Tuesday mornings, just to name a few.

T- Thomas the train... I have not missed that guy as much as I do now that my son is on vacation and I have not had to watch a single episode!

U- under ware can I just say that the undergarments I have do not last. geees I need more which then leads to the shopping LOL


W- water or waterfront property something I hope we an work up to it's the plan! to have a house on the water not that it has to be the ocean but on the river or something that would be nice

Y- y me sometimes is what I think bt then it can be a good thing and not a bad depends on what is going on

Z- ZOOM hoping to day will go by extremely fast so Friday can get here!
see I told you I'll have to get back to this later..... LOL
I'll fill it out I promise!

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sk said...

Hey! F... Flip'n Crazy friend from Mississippi... hahaha! ~sharon