Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not much today

Humm not much to post today i went to the DR. yesterday and things are good. baby in postilion thank goodness. Not sure of the weight will find that out next week.

things are progressing slowly on the mom moving out! the furniture is to be delivered today for a second try. Guess they tried to bring a huge semi down a really small street and it did not work. so Today should be the day.. well at least the furniture day! so We shall see when mom will go.

Adam is to come at the end of October which would be great cuz the baby will prob be her by then! mom will be out of the house and dad could also stay at her place so the guest room would be free and I could have someone come and clean the house between her moving out and Adam showing up! will have to post a pic of Uncle Adam. this is Uncle Adam at 250 feet rock climbing in colorado

So things are moving.. slowly but at least they are moving and to top it off Dennis is putting up moulding around the dining room and living room door!! woohoo looks wonderful!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Turn baby Turn!

So the last DR. visit was good the baby was heading in the correct direction. Thank goodness.
everything else is good. so I'm happy with that. just now ready I've gotten to the point where I'm done.. yeah know I 'm between 34 and 35 weeks and soooo done. every 5 min. to get up and pee the constant heartburn.. O- the joy's and Today is our company cookout and guess what it's raining woohooo this should be good. not much else so I guess I'll stop..

Friday, September 19, 2008

Breached baby

So went to my next Dr apt. with my OBGYN the one I like!
and come to find out the baby is breached! woohoo great for me(sarcastic)
So until the 37-38 week the DR said she will not worry about it but if the baby does not turn she talking C-section... not looking forward to that so PRAY the baby turns!! right now it's laying across my body instead of head down!! WEEEE what fun!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Liams Perspective!

This is Liam and his perspective when he gets hold of mommies camera!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

OOOOO Pinching!!

Not only pinching pushing and running into you at full force with his head?
what is that all about?
then he's been clenching his teeth and making a growling sound? where did this come from? I asked him who is that who showed you that? no response. HUmm so we had about 3 timeouts from the time I got home from the Dr. till bed time and I was ready to put him to bed at 8 instead of 9 because Liam was out of control! but as soon as Daddy came home things were fine and he curled up with him on the couch and fell asleep. feeeww
So not sure how to nip this in the butt except with the time out. he hates it. but it's the only thing I can think of I just don't get it and of course it's always about the same time .. when we get home so I think it may be an attention thing ? the clenching of the teeth and putting his face in yours worries me because I don't want him to crack or chip his teeth? that's the weird thing I have never seen anyone do this except for one other child to remain nameless.... but he is not around that child that much so not sure if this is were is been learned. I don't like it. ex specialy
the putting his face in yours. I've old him no that's not nice but not sure if it's getting thru?
we'll see or it will be more time outs until it stops.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Krispy Kream Sunday!!!

How come no one has thought of this? or has and I have not seen it?

How awesome would it be to have a HOT Krispy Kream Doughnut sandwiched between two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream with hot fudge and caramel.,Whip cream and nuts with a cherry!


of course this is the only time I can think of something so sickening sweet because there is no way I can have one!

But why has there been no collaboration on this between Brusters Ice cream and Krispy Kream or any other ice cream place.

O- the joy

of a sunday right now!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Dr. apointments week One!

So Week one down and finished. Not to bad I came in to work and hour early on Thursday and left at about 1:45. I was almost late because there are people in the parking garage that 1 don't know were to pay and 2. how to move thru the parking garage when there are three lanes open and they just can seem to get in the line with one car in it. They must stay in the longer line are they tied to the bumper of the car in front of them? . DUH? don't get it?
So I was about 5 min late and that really did not matter because they had me sit there waiting for about 15 min to sign in? go figure. then I went back to sit in a chair with 2 little monitors on my belly that could hear the baby's heart beat and every time he/she moved I had to hit a sorts buzzer thing like I was playing Jeopardy. So I think I sat there for about 45-60 min waiting and watching some bad TV. I was out by about 3:30 and home by about 4. I sat my big butt on the couch and watched Project Runway I had recorded. wee what fun At least I got out of work early.
So that was the first week. So this coming Monday I have the Apt. at 2:45 so this one will be the same as I do on Thursday's as well as a sonogram I think? and then they said the medication was working well with the sugars so to keep it up.
that's all that's it
until Monday!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

To the Dr.s again and again and again.......

SO went to the diabetes center at the hospital yesterday and...I'm on medication to bring my levels down during my fasting period. Yippie for me Not only that!! I get to go to the hospital twice a week !! until the birth! I'm so lucky!(sarcastic)So as it stands now I have Dr. appointments for: 9/11. 9/15,9/18,9/22, 9/25, 9/29,10/2,10/6,10/9, 10/13, 10/16, 10/20, 10/23, 10/27,10/30 all of them doing an NST test which is a fetal non stress test and half of them to have an additional Bio physical profile lasting from one hour to one and a half hours.
Lucky Me !
and then I have my normal OBGY appointments that I will try to coordinate with this lovely schedule! How the Hell did I get so lucky!:(such a basket case this am trying to figure out how to tell my work. I've told them but we have yet to sit down to figure out a schedule to work with when I'm on this big project. and the Project manager in the office is an idiot and does not realize he has to get someone else to cover for me and I'll take a back seat to it because they have to figure out what is going on as much as I don't know or do know they have to get caught up. woohoo for non stress lets see where my blood pressure goes from here during to this!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


So Looks like I'm heading to the diabetes center on Monday for some testing and a talking to. Yippiee for me!
this all because my morning sugar levels are too high but fine for the rest of the day.
So next Dr. apt will be on the 18th with Dr. T and before that the diabetes center on Monday the 9th.
We also well, Liam will be starting swim classes on wed. at the local swim center. hopefully he will act like he did for his grandparents not like he did for me last Sunday at Poppies and not wanting to get in at all.
I also have my kick off meeting with the local mom's club on the 9th so that should be fun.. sorta know a few people but hard to join allot of the activities because they are during the day for allot of that SAHM and I'm not one of those just yet. so it's hard to get to know people but they have helped with the locating of baby sitters and help when in a pinch for day care! so that's all for today! woohooo

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bubbles I love Bubbles!

Had a wonderful weekend and Liam had a wonderful time at a birthday party with bubbles and a bouncer! such a good time!