Thursday, September 4, 2008


So Looks like I'm heading to the diabetes center on Monday for some testing and a talking to. Yippiee for me!
this all because my morning sugar levels are too high but fine for the rest of the day.
So next Dr. apt will be on the 18th with Dr. T and before that the diabetes center on Monday the 9th.
We also well, Liam will be starting swim classes on wed. at the local swim center. hopefully he will act like he did for his grandparents not like he did for me last Sunday at Poppies and not wanting to get in at all.
I also have my kick off meeting with the local mom's club on the 9th so that should be fun.. sorta know a few people but hard to join allot of the activities because they are during the day for allot of that SAHM and I'm not one of those just yet. so it's hard to get to know people but they have helped with the locating of baby sitters and help when in a pinch for day care! so that's all for today! woohooo

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Patty said...

Can't wait to hear about the swim lessons, we're starting our son next year, and I'm already having anxiety attacks over it...lmao.

Also, just wanted to say that I love your name choices for a girl. Alexa was my top girls' name, and we were going to call her Lexi if we had a girl. Also love the name Avery (I'm assuming this is for a girl, if not, oops... )