Tuesday, September 9, 2008

To the Dr.s again and again and again.......

SO went to the diabetes center at the hospital yesterday and...I'm on medication to bring my levels down during my fasting period. Yippie for me Not only that!! I get to go to the hospital twice a week !! until the birth! I'm so lucky!(sarcastic)So as it stands now I have Dr. appointments for: 9/11. 9/15,9/18,9/22, 9/25, 9/29,10/2,10/6,10/9, 10/13, 10/16, 10/20, 10/23, 10/27,10/30 all of them doing an NST test which is a fetal non stress test and half of them to have an additional Bio physical profile lasting from one hour to one and a half hours.
Lucky Me !
and then I have my normal OBGY appointments that I will try to coordinate with this lovely schedule! How the Hell did I get so lucky!:(such a basket case this am trying to figure out how to tell my work. I've told them but we have yet to sit down to figure out a schedule to work with when I'm on this big project. and the Project manager in the office is an idiot and does not realize he has to get someone else to cover for me and I'll take a back seat to it because they have to figure out what is going on as much as I don't know or do know they have to get caught up. woohoo for non stress lets see where my blood pressure goes from here during to this!


Jen said...

Pregnancy; its ends with some thing joyful but getting there is a pain in the ass, literally.

Susan said...

Just take care of yourself and that precious little baby! Looks like he or she is gonna be a stubbern one - they're just giving you an early warning up front! (smile)

Cracker Scraps said...

Thanks for visiting my BLOG! I hope you have a girl! I have one of each but now I am a happy emptynester! I'm in the granny mode!

The insulin shots shouldn't be bad, at least it's not for the rest of your life!

b/p, cholesterol, blood sugar....yep, I'm with you! What do they expect you to do? Just lie in the bed all day?

Been there done that with DS! 6 weeks in bed and a 8#1oz premie! Do ya think they had my dates right?

Take care of yourself. You're little bundle will be here before you know it!