Friday, October 31, 2008


So I am sad to say my normal size feet 8.5 have gotten larger..... since the pregnancy! I just tried to put on a pair of boots that I used to wear. They are SO VERY TIGHT so not sure if this s a good thing because now I don't have shoe, ie.. boots for winter and will have to go out shopping for new boots!! yeahy on one hand and boo on the other having to spend the money right now for new shoes is not something I'm looking forward to.. Perhaps Santa will bring me some?? HUmmmm anyway Now I have more than a few shoe/ boots that I can't wear... Unless it's a temporary thing but I fear it is not .... O-well shoe shopping will be on my list of things to do now will have to surf the web for those awesome deals!! LOL

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Picture update!

Outside playing today!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Here she is :7 pds 14.8 oz born at 1:30 am Tuesday October 21st

meeting big brother will post more when I'm home ,did not go as planned!
Guess I have to change the name of my blog now? LOL

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Insomnia yet again!

So here I am it's 3 am I've been up since about 2 thinking I would go back to sleep , But noooooo. think it may be due to the fact that I'm going in on Tuesday and the fact that my mother refuses to move out of the house after I've and comments in front of her to leave and when is she leaving and she does do or say anything nothing phases her? I don't get it I've almost basically said to her get out move you have a house what are you waiting for?
Plus the fact she loves to talk about everyone ex- specialy my husband behind our backs and she get caught all the time. Does not think anything of it. Does she not see that she's only killing herself and making herself look like the ass. I'm not sure what her issue is but I'm really getting tired of it and I'm about to blow-up at her yet again. she is driving me nuts.
So here I sit at now what looks to be about 3:25 am watching food network Unwrapped Love this show and my mother is sleeping on the Porch area and I don't give a poop if I woke her up. that's what she has to deal with if she is going to stay and I'm fed up!

Friday, October 17, 2008


38 weeks and I'm going in on Tuesday to be induced!! SO the PEA will be here either Tuesday or Wed.!!!
SO excited and so ready for this to be all over!! Now if the family would move out of my house!!
anyway that is my exciting new for today!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bed Rest Day 2

So Today is the second day of bed rest....
Try this with a 2 year old... LOL
so not much going one....
watching allot of TV Super readers with my Little one and other fun things to keep him satisfied. We may go out side for a while so he's not cooped in the house all day. Not fair to him
SO the pictures will be less I think? not sure
Next DR apt isThursday and I believe there is one on Friday wee what fun....
OOO forgot to say Our anniversary was last Sat. we went to St. Micheal's for the day it was nice and relaxing not doing anything and just driving around. I can't believe 5 years.. WOW goes by so very fast.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Pumpkin Picken and other fruits!

We had a wonderful Sunday out at Larriland farms! WE love this place.

Liam had a wonderful time Picken apples and tomatoes with daddy and then we went over to the Barn where they have a hug hey maze for the kids. I went in With Liam but then he quickly took off and Mommy got lost!LOL I could not find Liam! my only panic was he could get by me and head to the exit and I would have not seen him and then he would be wondering around the farm ... So Dennis walked the perimeter as I asked another young girl if she has seen a little boy in a raven sweatshirt. thankfully she said yes he's right here. so As I rounded the corner Liam was there all smiles! thank goodness he did not panic. Prob because there was so many kids in there and he was having a ball.

So we then headed over to the pumpkins and Liam found his right away and would not let go for anything.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Unexpected Hospital Visit

So went to the DR. this afternoon and guess what I was told I had to go to the labor and delivery to monitored!! Wonderful ...all becuse my blood pressure being a bit higher than normal I believe it was 140 the first time and 133 the second time. So that sent me to the hospital that thankfully is right next door to the OB's office. So my appointment with the DR was at 2:40 Go to see her around 3:30 and by 4:15 or so I was being hooked up to a blood pressure cuff that took my pressure every 15 min and monitoring the baby heart beat till about 6:45 They stuck me about 3 times trying to get some blood after I told them where they normal stick me but why listen to me I don't know .. So they finally stuck me where I said and things were fine Hello if you listened first I would not have this huge bump on my hand from where the vein popped. SO as soon as I was all hooked up my pressure was at 109 LOL so figures! and I don't think it really went over 133 again unless I was talking with the nurse. that's what made it go up when I was on my side resting it was always 120's or so. So that was fun no one knowing where I was I called my mom to let her know why I was running late and tried to call Dennis but for some reason I could not get the number to go thru and then I could not get to my cel when I heard it ring due to being connected to a machine. wee what fun. So the Dr did come in and was like figures your fine "prob one of many false alarms you may have" I'm hoping not too many of these.
So I think in about 2 weeks we will have a little one and I have to tell my bosses I'm done at the end of this week even though I'm suppose to be done now per what the DR. said today but I think it's a bit much considering it's the first time my blood pressure when up. So well see