Friday, October 31, 2008


So I am sad to say my normal size feet 8.5 have gotten larger..... since the pregnancy! I just tried to put on a pair of boots that I used to wear. They are SO VERY TIGHT so not sure if this s a good thing because now I don't have shoe, ie.. boots for winter and will have to go out shopping for new boots!! yeahy on one hand and boo on the other having to spend the money right now for new shoes is not something I'm looking forward to.. Perhaps Santa will bring me some?? HUmmmm anyway Now I have more than a few shoe/ boots that I can't wear... Unless it's a temporary thing but I fear it is not .... O-well shoe shopping will be on my list of things to do now will have to surf the web for those awesome deals!! LOL


CaraBee said...

My feet are still a half size bigger than before I got pregnant. It sucks. Nobody told me about that beforehand.

Amy said...

My feet grew one size with my first pregnancy. I hate it! My shoe size is now 11 and I have a hard time finding cute shoes in that big boat size. Luckily they stayed an 11 through all my other pregnancies.