Friday, October 3, 2008

Unexpected Hospital Visit

So went to the DR. this afternoon and guess what I was told I had to go to the labor and delivery to monitored!! Wonderful ...all becuse my blood pressure being a bit higher than normal I believe it was 140 the first time and 133 the second time. So that sent me to the hospital that thankfully is right next door to the OB's office. So my appointment with the DR was at 2:40 Go to see her around 3:30 and by 4:15 or so I was being hooked up to a blood pressure cuff that took my pressure every 15 min and monitoring the baby heart beat till about 6:45 They stuck me about 3 times trying to get some blood after I told them where they normal stick me but why listen to me I don't know .. So they finally stuck me where I said and things were fine Hello if you listened first I would not have this huge bump on my hand from where the vein popped. SO as soon as I was all hooked up my pressure was at 109 LOL so figures! and I don't think it really went over 133 again unless I was talking with the nurse. that's what made it go up when I was on my side resting it was always 120's or so. So that was fun no one knowing where I was I called my mom to let her know why I was running late and tried to call Dennis but for some reason I could not get the number to go thru and then I could not get to my cel when I heard it ring due to being connected to a machine. wee what fun. So the Dr did come in and was like figures your fine "prob one of many false alarms you may have" I'm hoping not too many of these.
So I think in about 2 weeks we will have a little one and I have to tell my bosses I'm done at the end of this week even though I'm suppose to be done now per what the DR. said today but I think it's a bit much considering it's the first time my blood pressure when up. So well see


Sarah C. said...

Hi Miz Klynch! You’re invited to “My Favorite Things Monday” inspired by the Sound of Music! You sharing a picture and story of your current ‘favorite thing’ that cheered you up when life got you down, would be a blessing! I hope you can come! Ugh, what an annoying day! I'm glad it turned out well for you!

jennifersusan said...

with my last pregnancy I was in the labor and delivery every weekend for the entire month of December, because I was having "good" contractions. Seriously, they'd hook me up to the monitor and my contractions would peak off the sheet. *laughs* Unfortunately I was not dialating very fast, and every week I saw my OB she told me, "surely I won't see you for our next appointment because you'll have had this baby". I never had such luck, my daughter came when she was ready, which just happend to be the morning they were going to induce me anyway. The funny thing is, that when she did decide to arrive, she came so quick that my epidural could not keep up with her. I think that really set me up for things to come. I still can't keep up with her! Good Luck! I can't wait to read what happens next!