Monday, November 24, 2008


O-my It was wonderful! amazing! how does she dance for 3 hours on heels?
she sang everything from Thunder Dome to Proud Mary! It was awesome.
She is truly a great performer.
I got ready for 5 and was out the door I had given Dennis all he needed for a night with the kids. headed over to my Friend Iva's house to get her and we were off. We went to New carrolton station to take the train in and we arrived at 7 the concert was to start then but I guess as typical .. since I have not been to a concert in years, she started at 7:30 the opening was Tina in the middle of the "stage" on a platform that came down to the center stage. the staging was great. they had a cage for the song Thunder dome. the camera eye for the James bond song and then at the end the had a large arm type thing that swung out over the crow that she stood n and it went from the right side of the stage to the left it was great. not to mention her dancing during proud Mary the signature dance move that she does. it was amazing on the back drop during the end of the intermission she had pictures of herself and Ike showing the begining of her career to now and all the headlines it was a great presentation she is amazing it was the most wonderful Mothers day gift ever! thank you so much for the night(Dennis) love you!


Hearts and Hands said...

Oh I know, how does she do it with those high heels!!! Glad to hear you had a great time, Tina is awsome :)

I Wasn't Born a Soccer Mom said...

I love TINA!!!! So glad you had fun. Just walking in heels at work all day kills my feet, I could no way attempt to dance in them for a whole tour!

Stacie said...

thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

TINA TURNER is almost a freak of nature, like in a good way. As old as she is...she is amazing! Not to mention her legs man...whew~!