Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lunch Visit

SO today we made plans to go and see daddy at work and have lunch. While doing this I was also meeting up with friends from my office because we are right down the street from each other. SO we left here at 11ish I think a bit before and made it there in about and hour due to a bit of traffic and some time it took to park due to the parking attendant who had to refill the ticket meter but could not find the right key first then had no clue how to refill the tickets. Anyway it was a great visit and I went up o the office to see everyone. Unfortunately the bosses were not in or back yet from there lunch so.. I waited around for a bit but they were not showing so I proceeded to then go down to Dennis office to visit with his coworkers. So we were there for about 30 min or so but you would think I was there all day by the time I got back it was 4pm LOL yeah 4 what the heck were we doing? seems like we were not there long but it was 4 Liam took a nap on the way home. So that was an hour.. not to bad considering.. SO now we are home watching The Point. because I returned all the dvd to the library. we will have to go back tomorrow to get new ones. so that was our day today..

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CaraBee said...

I am always amazed at how long going anywhere takes. A simple in and out run to the grocery store takes an hour! I can't imagine doing it with TWO kids!