Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dr update!

So I brought the two babies to the DR and they do not have any symptoms of Pneumonia.. thank goodness Liam does have an ear infection thought so I have to pick up some meds for that. but all is well with the kids and me... My mom on the other hand had the bug and is sick even thought I had to drop off the babies to her so I could go to work.... so hopefully I'll be able to leave early today and get home to help with the kids and let mom rest. everyone around me is dropping like flies to this cold thing.... Yikes

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Small House said...

It's fun reading about your family. I had my second when my oldest was 2. It was boy girl also. They liked each other until high school. They're figuring it out again. Hope the bug doesn't get you all!! Colds are always worse with small children, mom's worry, it's what we do best.
Take care today!