Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

So christmas has come and gone like a whirl winds once again... and now we prepair for next year! yippieeee

So our morning started out fine Liam got up and came down to open his presents from Santa. he saw that the cookies and milk were gone that he left out for the big man and that the keys we had left out side the door were now inside next to the plate that Liam had also left for Santa to get in since we do not have a chimney.( we have an old set of keys tied with a ribbon that we set out side)

So he was excited and instead of opening one gift after another he first took them out of the Santa bag and piled them up to then open them and play with each one as he asked either I or Daddy to open it so he could play with it. it was great!

we then got ready to go see Baci since she decided that morning she was not going to aunt Pegs(arrgghhh) so everyone had to go see her in the home. on the way there or as we pulled in to the nursing home Liam proceeded to throw up all over himself. this was the beginning of the a 48 hour bug... nothing he ate all day would say down and he didn't eat a thing Christmas day or the next day. we are just now able to eat and or drink something that has not come back up. I hope the baby did not catch it. I'm praying it did not infect anyone else.
so besides the puking all day on Christmas we had a nice time. We saw everyone at Aunt Pegs and had a wonderful time!

this is Liam giving Avery her gifts there is a baby in there some where

Dennis taking an hour to figure out what flavor candy cane he wants he was driving us nuts because he would not pick one!LOL


CaraBee said...

How adorable is that picture of Avery in her little Santa hat! That really sucks about Liam getting the flu, what a crappy way to spend Christmas.

Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

How cute with the Santa hat...

Merry Christmas!

Hearts and Hands said...

Avery looks very cute in her first christmas hat :)
So sorry to hear about Liam being so sick over christmas, I hope he is feeling much better now.

Sharon (sk) said...

Awwww... enjoy those moments, they go by so very fast. I remember when my girls were little... so much fun at Christmas.

Your daughter is just beautiful! :)