Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Yes, you read it here pneumonia... we have it well Dennis has it and prob had it for about 3-4 weeks. Dennis has been fighting a cold for 4 weeks and finally went to the Dr. last night and bingo we have an answer PNEUMONIA! wonderful ! greeeaaaaatttt
and yes he is contagious till Friday so he has to wear a mask around the children woo hoo how's we get so lucky! try explaining this to a 2 year old why his father all of a sudden is playing DR. and dress up !LOL So Liam has had a cold for about 3 weeks and I think he's going to be going in to be checked because he is to start at pre-school in the beginning of the year! all this after the wonderful Christmas he had.. Poor guy. I think I may have Avery checked as well since we are all together and they say that infants sometimes do not show signs.. wonderful :( So will have to make that appointment and round up the crew or get Nana to do it which will be a whole other story ...... So that is what is up with the family this week... sounds like New Years will be a blast this year!!! LOL


CaraBee said...

Oh no! You all need to get well, 'cause we've got some skiing to do in a couple of weeks and no sickies allowed!

Small House said...

Thanks for visiting me. And what cute babies you have. Hope your husband gets feeling well.
Have a good day.

Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

Oh my... How awful!!

Hope you get to feeling better