Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So Behind!!

So the tree went up on Sat. I Felt like it would never go up...
but it is up ... we will just see how long it will take before some of the ornaments end up on the floor.. this not due to cats but to one curious child!

And last 2 weeks ago we got our pictures done so it was for Liam's 2nd year pics, Avery's 6 weeks and family pic's all rolled into one..

last week we did the family sausage making at Aunt Pegs and had a wonderful time we made a whole Heep of sausage, Polish , Italian and sun dried tomato!
so we have been extremely busy.

Then there is the Christmas shopping that I have been squeezing in to any spare space there is.. on line and out on the street.. I really don't want to be dealing with the actually store with 2 kids in tow it's really not hat fun

although it looks like I'm having a blast I'm not I truly am not having fun.

o- yeah I forgot the colds I did not mention the sniffling and sneezing wonderful colds that kept us from the birthday party on Sat. How could I forget those .......LOL

Then there is the blog that has been truly neglected.. sorry guys it's the holidays!


CaraBee said...

Those are amazing pictures of Liam and Avery!

Hearts and Hands said...

You are quicker than me, we still haven't got our tree or decorations up, lol

Megan @ Little Bella Bean said...

Sigh. Newborns are so precious. I've gotta get me another one of those. ;)

Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

Those pictures are so cute!!!

Good Luck with the ornaments... My son runs over to the tree, grabs one off, yells ball, and then hurls it across the room!! :)