Tuesday, December 23, 2008


As of last night I'm officially done with shopping!! did not think I was going to get the last 4 things done for Christmas But with the help of an awesome hubby. Who at the present time feels like an elephant is sitting on his head squeezing his butt cheeks together , as he says. we got it done I just have to go and pick up the pictures of the kids from the printers and wrap them to night! I'm done I'm done yipppiee (doing a happy dance at my desk) so the tree is up the cookies for Santa are baked and presents are wrapped!! this time it was cut close but we did it!! Just have to put the keys out so Snata can get in to leave Liam his gifts...... whoo hooooo


CaraBee said...

I got my shopping done yesterday, too, and I feel so liberated! Of course, I'm still waiting for Neil's big present to arrive, keep your finger's crossed, but nothing I can do about that.

Hearts and Hands said...

Ugh, very jealous here!! I was stil out at the shops Chrissy eve until they closed, lol
It is now christmas day, 253am and I am about to get ready for bed after I arrange all the presents under the tree, and around the room too, they kids have been very lucky this year!!
Hope you have a wonderful day!