Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snowed in

so I made crepes!!

SO then we bundled up and went out side!!

I had to make a few tracks first and of course test the sled,,LOL
wee what fun

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Tree

Tree is up

and decorated
and toped with the angel!

just have to get a good one with the tree lit at night


So we got back from the Thanksgiving in Florida.

It was fun but I think too much time with my parents.. as usual we ended up getting in a fight. this Time my father and I about how I am bullying my son into potty training? his words not mine... humm pooping in his pants for 3 monthes.. and watching him try to hold it and getting him to that bathroom each time I see that he is straining to stop from pooping.. is not bulling. well in my opioin. so we had a wonderful time up till then and then in the last 2 or 3 days it was a strained being nice to each other. and of course because I was pissed and wanted to leave early.. I decided that Liam was not going to stay.. note that they never even asked me if he could but I knew it was something they wanted but I was never asked once. So I know my father was pissed he was not staying.. and of course it was Dennis faulyt because he is very controling and makes all the decisions in my life... Yeah right.

so on another note here are a few picture of the beach time we had

O- yeah Avery found her feet an has begun to take a few more steps with out holding on! we are doing very well!!

And Liam had a wonderful time running on the beach back and forth splashing ablut and making sand castles!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Liam and his wonderful tower
Avery is a star!!!
Getting ready to head to Florida for Turkey day!!
leaving on Monday for about a week...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

HO HUmmm

Well sorry I've been out of touch things just went to pot on Friday. After a wonderful lunch and great presentation in the office I was brought into a conference room and told I was the first to be let go. That things were slowing down and the company just did not have the money..... I was shocked! to say the least. I did not know what to say I actually did not say anything I was sooo just put out in another world sorta like you can hear them talking but you really just hear a muffle of words. So I packed up my things and left. My two friends at the office were shocked one did not even know I left. she found out later and called me. SO Lets Just say Friday the 13th was in true form! the next day I received a email from a girl who said there were letting more go .. and would let me know... not that I care but it was true to what I was told because others thought someone in the office complained about me and that's why I was let go. but I thought if they were to complain about me they would have come and talked to me to find out the whole story and not just one side and I would have gotten reprimanded or something.. Not that I'm an awful person in the office but I'm not quite when I don't like something. Some time my hubby says I need to turn it down... Any hoo
I've now became a SAHM for now until I find something else if I decide to return Not sure I want to? something part time would be nice... So.. and something closer that DC from where I live would be great no more hour drive... SO That is why I have been MIA.. I've been cleaning the house getting things straitened up and all the laundry done I can.. to then see if there is anything out there from me... Humm I need to get a schedule of what to do during the day. I think I'm going to start walking/running on days that are not too cold for the kids because I'll have to drag them along on the bike trail.. I can be in the house 24 -7 it's to small of a place... so any ideas.. as we don't have alot of money to join gyms and club although I would like to rejoin the SP mom's group but that's money I don't have .. so we'll see what happens.. O well that's like and here I go...

Friday, November 13, 2009

SO behind

I promise I'll get something up this week has just been crazy with Dennis working nights and me trying to get to work early as to leave early to get home to get the kids so Dennis can go to work and then .. Tag your it as we pass each other in the door way.... O by the way
Happy Friday the 13!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009



Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 09


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I know I'm late

Here they are finally some Birthday pictures! in no particular order...

Birthday girl

Godfather trying to get some cake

this was on her actuall birthday and Liam was helping eat the cake

A deceint one with her tiara on. I had put pipecleaners with pompoms on them for fellers for the butterfly theme.

eating her cake

butterfly theme her picture by the month

Liam showing off his feeler I made I had made them for all the kids I think they were on for about 20 minutes

Avery's cake I had the bottom done by the store and did the caterpillar myself will not ever buy a cake from Safeway as they don't do what you ask and then don't call you when they won't do it so you don't get what you want .. thank goodness for Dennis and his design capabilities! cut and reshaped the cake and frosted it!! go Daddy!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Officially 1

My Baby girl officially turned one at one Am today!
wow how time flies!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009



Thursday, October 15, 2009

Preping for the party!

Avery Turns 1 in 6 day's!!

I'm having her party on the 17th. so far I have a few decorations up. and make the cake for the pops I'm going to make. I tried to make the french butter cream because it said I could store it for up to a week in the refrig. but I don't think it turned out like it's suppose to .. not sure what went wrong but as soon as I started to add the butter to the meringue it just went to poop. and then there was like water coming from it when I was mixing it like the meringue just broke down and did not incorporate in to the mix? so I think I can salvage it by adding more sugar and milk.. I'm going to adapt it to another recipe I found. I just can't see throwing away almost 2 pounds of butter!

So that's that and tonight is cookie night..... and the breaking down of the cake to form the pops. and veggie cutting!! I may even bake the Caterpillar and have it ready to decorate for Friday! since I have to bake chicken wings and pick up other things all on sat am. ... and get this....
My mother told me on Tuesday night that she would not be coming because she though it was next weekend and made plans to go to NYC with some friends.. So I did not make a big deal of it and said fine I'm going to have cake on the 21st which is her actual birthday so you can come over then.... did not want to make a big deal of if but come on you have known for a month when it is and now your telling me! then I was on face book and her friend said she was going to Mexico not NYC.. now I did not confirm what was going on this weekend but since she's not going with this friend who is she going to NYC with and is she going to NYC this weekend??? why does she need to fib to me I don't care what she does.. God what a pain in my ass!!
O- Well off to work and then prep more for the party!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekend Recap

So our day started off a bit cloudy and overcast although it was very warm in the morning. We too a walk down to the beach since we got to the condo at 2 am and could not see a thing. We got the kids dressed so we could take some pictures

Avery at the first touch did not like the cold sand.. but after a bit she was fine
And then with Liam Liam then decided to run with the waves.... picking up shells and watching the surfers go by

I tried to get Avery to keep her hat on
Then minutes later a wave tripped Liam and down he went... I thought he was going to freak but we were laughing so I guess he decided it was OK and continued on running.
Liam then wanted to build a sand castle but we did not get far as we did not bring any tools
I took this as Dennis and Liam walked ahead of me. you can see a bit of his little foot up on the top.
Next we went to Assatege ( as you can see I can't spell it) Island to see the horses and deer. this is after we waited for Liam to get up from his nap. I took a short nap as well.
But when he woke up we had wonderful surprises of lots of deer and Seka deer and ponies!
Since Sunday was a bit nicer than Sat we decided to try the bike riding on the board walk. We had attempted to do this on Sat. but the rain ..sprinkles were getting heaver as we were getting the bikes ready and decided to not do it. But Sunday was perfect!

Liam lasted about 2 blocks!! as you can see we strapped the bike to the back of the carrier. and Liam rode. Wailing most of the way down the boardwalk because he wanted the helmet that we rented back.. did not understand that it was not his.. so we had a nice siren all the way down.. sorta good people knew we were coming and may be would move? no not really don't get how people are so oblivious while walking down a boardwalk there like O- a bike!
Avery loved the ride and the oo's and ahhs as she passed by everyone.
Liam sitting on the anchor on the boardwalk. it was a wonderful day! there was even a car show but I did not take any pictures of that but it kept Liam entertained as they cruised up and down the roads making loud noises. He even had time to flirt with an older lady from the show and learned to wink!! too funnyThis is his attempt at winking!!
it was a wonderful weekend!and 6th year anniversary

Thursday, October 8, 2009


So my anniversary is coming up.... how long has it been... 6 years WOW how time flies and things change!
6 years ago I was:
Single about to marry
Hanging with other friends in down town Baltimore
Going out every weekend to the local bar and restaurants
Living in a 3 story town house
Had three cats
Working in Baltimore
No children
Cooking for 2
Eating fancy elegant foods
Staying at B&B's
Traveling at a moments notice

hanging with my 2 kids
Go to restaurants with slides
Go to the park to watch my children run
I now live in the burbs

Eat foods that are simple and some time weird colors
Prep sippy cups and bottles
wipe snotty noses
get wonderful warm hugs and wet kisses

and I
Love every minute of it !!

So were heading to the beach for two days to run on the sand and collect some seashells! Hopefully get some good pictures maybe one for our Christmas card!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tantrums... How do you deal?

So got a phone call this morning.. and in the background I can here my oldest screaming and crying. And he was on the second floor!
Daddy said it had been going on for about an hour. He had left Liam up in the Bathroom on the toilet where Liam had put himself but did not want to get up to brush his teeth. This and turning off the cartoons just before through him into a inconsolable crying fest. I could hear him sobbing... and Daddy did not do anything but tell him he had to go and he needed to get up and get ready.
So what is the course..
what do you do to make them stop the sobbing and get ready in the morning(now afternoon) the distraction of getting breakfast did not work either... he then became upset he was not able to put the toast in the toaster... deflecting or changing the reason why he was upset. which he was asked numerous times.... so do we need a new plan or do we stick to the walking away and ignoring until he calms down??
any help or ideas are greatly appreciated

Monday, October 5, 2009

We Have Pumpkins!!!

So the day was wonderful and we had another awesome day at Larrland Farms. The Boo house was cute. and Liam ran thru it about 10 times. the Hay maze was wonderful I lost Liam about ... Every time.. LOL every time we go in together he was off like a shot and being a adult could not keep up or see when he turned a corner!! all you could see was the other parents looking for there own kids sorta like goffering in the office LOL but walking around call who evers name you were looking for.. too funny now that I think of it it would have been a funny shot! Headed over to the apple orchard and picked some apples... very few unless you were a tall giant and could reach the ones at the top!! thank goodness for the ladders... or a small pygmy could could skirt under the trees to the remaining tiny apples on the bottom.. Liam got most of those!! he also shared with his sister which was cute finding her Avery size apples! She was very happy with that! So after that we headed over to the pumpkin patch!! to look for the perfect pumpkin to carve!!! After some looking we did find it bug free and just a Little bit of mud.. nothing daddy could not clean off... We put it in the barrel along with the other 2 we could not live with out... seems as if we needed to take all the pumpkins... they all needed a home So we got a few and then we took a few pictures of our Pumpkins and then we were off to carve the pumpkin!! SO off were went home it was a good day at the Farm! Got home and Liam picked the design he wanted to do..... of course the most difficult one.. and they were off carving the pumpkin! Liam looks so enthused to be doing this... LOL he was at first putting out the seeds and putting them on the cookie sheet to bake but after that... it was a lost cause! The daddy got left because it was too boring watch daddy poke holes.. More interesting to watch football....or play football~!! This is the end result!! Then Added to the outside decor.. as you can see we still need to put siding on the right side of our house.... that's on the ground on the left that you can see but will be going up soon...