Sunday, January 25, 2009


this morning I was woke by a soft little nose pushing up against mine with a soft voice saying Duk. this is something I would do to Liam and put my finger on his nose. I guess w have graduated to nose to nose. It was a nice way to be woken up. so very cute ! geeze I love those moments!


Jen said...

it is the little things, is it not?

Hearts and Hands said...

Naww, it's so much nicer than being woken with a head butt or kick in the face, lol
I love moment like that :)

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

It's the moments like those that we remember when they are grown and gone. And the screaming tantrums in the mall that we tend to forget!

Jacie said...

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Jacie said...

I really appreciate your efforts to add my button. The way I added mine was by saving the image to my computer and then clicking "add a gadget". Then click "add photo". Click to add image from your computer and then under link you just type in
Pretty sure that's all I did. But I will try to figure out the code for the button too so that you can try adding it by clicking "add a gadget" and then "HTML" and pasting the code in there.
Thanks again for your efforts.

Cindy said...

So sweet!!!