Tuesday, February 17, 2009


SO I did not forget to post what we did for Valentines but was a bit side tracked. So we had reservations at our favorite restaurant Corks!!! yeahy . We had a wonderful dinner off of the Valentines menu it was wonderful and what was better was that they had Creme brule it was awesome! so after dinner and we strolled down to the next street to where we use to hang out with our local friends of Baltimore. The Thirsty dog!! only to see sadly that the name had changed to PUB DOG.. so sad just not the same with the name thing so we walked inside to see nothing had changed on the inside just the name. I asked the bar maid what happened and she said it was another Bar out in Idaho that began to brew there beer so they in Baltimore could not use the name anymore(sucks) and then on top of that someone complained about the dogs that were allowed in the bar area it was soo cool you could stop by while walking your dog and have a brew that actually was two frosty mugs 2 for $4 so awsome! so not only had the name changed there were no dogs allowed in anymore Just don't get why you would go to a bar with the name thirsty dog and complain about the dogs.. hello it's named after them why are you here?

so here are a few pics from the night to remember!

so I'm hopeing that some day we can meet all our friends that we used to meet there for a one or two beer meeting with the awsome pizza they serve!!
I should have taken some pic's of corks because they redid the whole place and it looks awsome there is this hug orange glass wall eliminated on the right when you walk in and the kitchen is surrounded with a marble shelf it looks so much better than it did before great job!! and again the food is still awsome


CaraBee said...

We definitely have to plan an outing to the Pub Dog soon!

Grand Pooba said...

Creme brule? Oh you are so tempting me right now!

Rachel said...

Thanks for popping on by my blog! Creme brule sounds utterly perfect right now...mmmm!

Synergy Girl said...

I take NO responsibility for the actions of Idaho...I just live here...LOL Anyways, looks like you had a fun outting!!