Tuesday, March 31, 2009


SO my hubby got this bike... not going to say where we got it but it was free... all it needed was a new battery! so he got one from a friend I think a bit too fast for Liam because it scared the bageezus out of him!! he was burning tire tracks in the gravel!! but as you can see he was wearing his helmet granted it's his skiing helmet because his bike one was at Nana's and mostly I don't think it fits anymore. but here's our biker boy. we'll have to get a slower, rather less powerful battery so it does not go so fast. He'll prob get on it if he sees the neighbor kids on there's then there will be at brat pack with a child on an ATV(looking), Harley, and pink Corvette.. have to see if I can coordinate to see this it would be so cute!


Cathy said...

cute! your find was $5 cheaper than my mums lol
thanks for your post on my blog.
I'm just wondering though cause I'm new to the club. you posted on my second blog is it the one that shows up? or do they all?
I hope you dotn mind me asking you this here, eek sorry

Cathy said...

thanks for letting me know