Monday, March 30, 2009

Sleep .............yeah right!

SO Avery has taken to getting up twice during the night. once at about 2 and then about 4:30!! at least we are down one time it was first at 12midnight then 2 then 4 but I hope we are breaking the trend. Not sure for what reason this started but it seems like it's been going on for a while. and Killing me in the sleep department. But alas we get up and rock her swoosh her and then nurse her ( well I do the nursing) I think it's a growth spurt but a few time now I think it's a tummy thing because she lets out a few fragrant gases that could put an old man to shame.
I did call the pediatrician to see if I could give her cereal but due to the fact that diabetes runs in the family I was told no. I sorta new that would be the answer because I had read it a few years back when I had Liam and he did not get any until 6 months or so. So I was confirmed that I was not to give her any cereal at all. so until further notice I will just have to keep waking up and rocking and swooshing and nursing her until this waking up every 4 hours is over. hoping sooner than later but who knows? on the other hand Liam sleeps thru the night and then does not want to get up in the morning it's like pulling gum out of your hair to get him out of the bed!! wee what fun we are having


CaraBee said...

Sophie is back to waking up once or twice a night and it is killing me. I needs my sleep!

Fingers crossed that Avery lets you sleep soon!

Courtney D said...

Sending a little hope your way in the sleep department! Until it clears up, here's wishing you pleasant day-dreams!

Hearts and Hands said...

very well e a growth spurt. Also some babes can get teeth quite early too.
Can you have her in bed with you? That way you don't fully wake up, just feed her and of to sleep you go again, both staying snug.

I am kicking myself I didn't with our first kids, the sleep deprivation drove me crazy!!

Hoping you both get some more sleep soon!

klynch said...

HEarts, I'm thinking it's more than just beign hunry because she is throwing her head back and arching her back I was able last night to get her back to sleep at 12 but she was then up at 3 and 4??? so not sure??

Hearts and Hands said...

Hmm, yeah, could very well be a bit of an upset tummy. Umm, I could write a VERY long post, lol but I will save you, :) If you like you can email me, and then I can send you some info and hopefully more help. :)