Sunday, March 22, 2009

Where's the weekend?

So today I went for a walk with the kids... first I had to look for another stroller since my dear hubby took the truck with the double. SO I found the orange umbrella type and then took the carrier for Avery. I must have looked wonderful striding down the bike path. LOL

I had Avery strapped to the front of me and pushed Liam in the stroller. I was hoping that he would either walk next to me or do a bit of running to tire himself out. but I think that lasted all of five minutes. So I think I got about .75 miles before I turned around to go back to the car. Poor Avery was bouncing from side to side I tried to pull the carrier tighter so she would not move so much but she did not complain and when I stooped to check her she was fast asleep so I think it actually put her to sleep! LOL I thought she would be so uncomfortable. so I at least I got about a mile in and with that carrying a 13 pd child and pushing a stroller. LOL

such a beautiful day today. So now the kids are napping well at least one is the other is pitching a fit prob will ware himself out. BUt where does the weekend go it's already Sunday and past noon wish the weekend were longer... hooo hummmm


Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

Girl, I was on Spring Break this week and I don't know where the week went!! I had such big plans and didn't get anything done!

Hearts and Hands said...

yup, I know what you mean.
It feels like one minute it is Friday and we are talking aout what to do over the weekend, and then wham, it's Sunday afternoon!

Glad to hear you got out and about with the kids. What kind of carrier to you have? I have a quiet obsession with warps, slings and carriers. I LOVE them, and of course the babies and kids do to. If only I knew about them with my first few kids, would have made life a lot easier.