Monday, April 27, 2009


you would think it would me me or at least maybe my husband having to get up one to two times a night to get Avery to calm down or nurse.... but nope our little butterfly was just too pooped to even put her head back in her swing.... must have been the long walk we had in the mid morning!!LOL
So I have begun my regiment of walking. I would or I think I would have gone further than the 4.5 miles I did on Sat. But D had to be somewhere and he had to come pick me and A up so he could go with L and get the mower as I got ready to head to a party... I was hoping to get out earlier but A was not feeling well and we went to the Dr. she is fine slight congestion.. she had an anbulizer?(SP) for a slight wheezing the Dr. heard but it went away as soon as she the Dr. was not worried as much as he was plus the other test showed it was not phenomena so it's a regular yucky chest cold!!! yeah sorta
So when I got ready I started my walking
so hoping this keeps up and I'll be walking long distances on the weekend and my 2miles during the week Monday to Thursday!
d did start with me and promised to go next Sunday.. so I'll see what I can do on sat on my own with the 2 kids... not sure I'll get as far...

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