Monday, June 29, 2009


SO we had a very busy weekend... not one ... not 2 but three party's to go to .. well the last one was our Party for LIAM turning 3!!

So the first was a Birthday for his cousin he turned 9 we went to the bowling ally to play a little duck pins. the second was a graduation party of our friend... a wonderful cookout .. those fries were awesome! they had a ton of things for the kids a bouncer , slip and slid, a pool and water guns!! what fun the kids had but also the adults!! (cara I have picture if you want them)

then the big one was on Sunday ( well for Us) Liam turned 3

We went over to Poppy's for a pool party!

we had great fun Liam did not want to get out of the pool to have cake I had to tell him I was doing it with out him to get him over to blow out the candles but I go him out and pictures to boot!! it was a great weekend and an exhausting one as well but all in all it was a wonderful weekend!!

My Baby is 3, snif :)

My husband asked me if I was going to keep putting the birthday hat on him each year and I said yes he's had it sence his first birthday and he'll be wearing it until he 35 or older!!

I think it's cute !!

and yes Avery was there( there are pictures of her) but it was Liam day!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


SO yesterday was Hubby's last day at work..... after 13 years of work for the same company. Working his ass off for this company and doing what he can to keep it a float. they were down to 4 people not counting the owner because you really can't count him as a worker. The man comes in to do some billing and play solitaire on the computer all day and his day is from 1or 2 till about 4 .
do you really call that a day?
SO Bitter and pissed off Dennis came home last night.
But I think this is his opportunity to begin something new. and I know he can do it.
So he's going to take the few days off fishing and relaxing ... getting his thoughts strait...
helping me get Liam's Birthday stuff together and then we will figure our next step!

ON another Note I GOT MY NEW PHONE!!!!
Same one different color.. the menu is a bit diffrent but really cool now I just have to load all the numbers again!!! weeeee

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


OK can anything else go wrong????
I go to my eye apointment and I can't be seen because the AH from the other office did not release my apointment that I was at but at late because of traffic so I could not go and see this DR. that is in walking distance to my office!! ASS HOLES!! so I have to go back in a week!!
can any thing else go wrong??? the phone-- run over,
the tractor--- stolen
and now my eye apointment--- rescheduled!
then on top of it I run into a x-coworker in the Dr. office.. awkward!!!

Phone lost............... DEAD PHONE

So I lost my phone on sunday night did not relize it was gone till monday Am .. called the phone it rang no one picked up.. so it was somewhere jsut don't know where????

cam home last night and unloaded the kids

second trip up the stairs with Avery I saw my phone ...... on the grill


with a note

"found in drive way Sorry"????


opened the phone and tried to turn it on


plugged it in


dead phone

so.. now I have ordered a new one for 50.00

not red.. did not have that color but ice Blue..... Guess that will do

Monday, June 22, 2009


So we went to a surprise party this weekend for our aunt and uncle .. it's there 60th and it was in a park ..... and no we did not get blown away or taken by the tornado that supposedly touched down .. did not see it? so here are a few pic.. throughout the day

Checking out the buffet with Grampy!

Good Brownie!!

running thru the puddles!So very proud of our stick!!

Friday, June 19, 2009


OK I know it's early But...... AVERY is STANDING.... well she's holding herself up on the side of the coffee table but she id doing it by herself... I don't remember if this is on time or early at 7 months? well 7 and a half. she does not like to lay down and when ever she can pull her self up she does so. I will have to post a picture of her at the table but right now all I have is the one in her car seat of her standing in it holding on to the bar. of course daddy is behind her in case she slips but last night she wanted to stand and was reaching for all sorts of things on the table.! It was too cute!
OK I found the picture!! so what do you think?
it was too cool!!

Update on Liam and the potty.....
Well if Liam does not get his way in the morning he takes to peeing where he wants this time it was in his bed on his pillow! great!! wonder how that smelt last night while he slept on his pillow, Yes we cleaned it but you know the smell that lingers I'm going to have to put it in the wash if I can will have to go over to Mr. Bobbles to see if the pillow can be laundered?
So attempts at getting Liam up in the am are good and some times just a horror show.. you think we where killing or abusing the boy he screams so much... is this normal??
any hooo
so off to work I go to finish this day and have a wonderful weekend!! Fathers day is here and I have the kids to myself, lucky me!!
I really do mean it! Dennis will be fishing or crabbing on Sunday... gift to him

Searching: for that double stroller( jogging) almost had one for 40.00 but I was second in line and the person took it who could pass it up for 40.00 are you crazy? LOL
so the search continues as I walk my way with a single or the joovy which I do love.. but hard when Liam keeps getting and out to walk with him and Avery .... So I keep looking may have to break down and buy a new one if I don't find anything... search continues....

Monday, June 15, 2009

1st Movie

So We decided to take Liam to his first Movie.... and go see UP

It was hard to take a picture. I did not want to piss people off by taking it with a flash so here it is

I was great.. for a few moments... then for a while t was I want to go home... and some of the movie he was hugging dady because it was a bit loud or am I too old? and some of the scenes I think for a 3 year old might have been scary ie a huge pack of barking biting dogs.. then some airplanes shooting darts at the ballons and then there was the scare thunder storm.... so not sure how we did I know I had to get up because Avery lost her binkie and started to cry so I brought her out for a while and then stood in the entrance ally to see some of the remaining movie... but I thin all in all the first movie experience was good... can't say much for my wallet as they charge you the same amount for a matteni for a child as they do an adult... and there is no age under over thing??? so after that we went to the park where the planes come in and you can watch them. Liam played in th apark for a while and then we left I think he had a good day.

I felt like we all had a good day.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Floor we have a floor!!

I got home last night with the kids to see this!!

well when i got home it was not totally done but it was very close!!
but it looks awsome!

so we are almost done it jsut needs to be sanded and satined but it looks great!

Good job to the hubby!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hubby Hard at Work

So just wanted to post some pictures that my Hubby has been working on the kids play room and he even made the wonderful number post for the end of the drive! and look it's got a solar powered light!! How green is he!!

you can see his little helper in there inspecting the wood floor to be put down this evening

I think I figured it out

The way to a good morning wake up....
is when I get up to go into Liam's room turn on the light and turn on his CD player.
It has a CD in it about getting up out of bed and washing up and such...
I did that this am and he was great!! he actually got up out of bed ..
and turned off the radio LOL
and got back in bed!!
I asked what he did and he calmly told me he shut it off
I just said to him it's wake up music and turned it back on..
so I'll try it again next time because I was out of the house with out a fit thrown any where by 7am!! Woooohooo although getting out of Nana's house was a bit hard but I made it!!
so I'll have to see if this is the way to go but it looks like if I turn on the light and put on the music when i get up it may be a gentle way to wake up.. so we shall see if it was a fluck!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Ok How do you handle a 2 going on 3 year old standing in your kitchen screaming at you till his face turns pink? and why is he doing this.... because you got him up out of bed to go to Nana's or school for that matter?
He has changed his clothes 3 times once due to peeing on himself because you were holding him from Fit # 5 up stairs in his room. and another because e did not want those pants but shorts. and now he wants the pants back on? he does not want under ware, he does not want his shoes, he does not want juice and now he wants daddy... then5 min later he wants mommy!
count to ten....
he screams at you because it's time to go and you then put him in time out
he then proceeds to hit you
you pluck him
he screams again till he turns pink
and hits you
he kicks you as you put him back in time out from wiggling over away from the spot
you pluck him again he hits you( I get I may have to stop plucking because I think he thinks it's ok to Hit/ pluck?)
not sure how to get around this because swaking his hiny does not work either.....
this time out things is not working either....
he is now sobbing and pink I'm drained from trying to keep him in the time out spot
and it's only 7:05 am!!
I'm thinking he need to get up when I do so he's not rushed?
and go to bed earlier than 8pm?
so... what to do and then I get a nice post saying a follower was going to send my blog to someone because Avery is now sleeping thru the night.. it does get greener on one side but now it's pure Poop on the other? LOL
SOoo any ideas on how to not have this happen every morning because today it was the worst. it's usually crying and whining but today it was full force screaming and kicking
and it's not like it's sometime this is all the time and not like he's not getting up the same time everyday?
what to do.... wits end!
o- yeah I accidentally banged sons head on the door as I was bringing him into the bathroom to wash off after he peed on himself.. Doing great ... I should be awarded mom of the year for this first my daughter on the changing table and now my son head meet the door frame! forget the door is only 2foot wide not allot of room to get thru!

Monday, June 8, 2009

I think we have IT!!

I think last night was the first time Avery slept thru the night in a LOOONNNNNG time. she got up at about 4:50 for her breakfast and time for me to get up and go to work.
Unless I hear otherwise from her daddy I did not hear a peep from her last night!!
Woo hooo

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Feel horrible

I do it every morning but this time I should have put her in the crib.
I sat Avery on the changing table and walked over to get her brother up.
I turned around Just in time to see her do a tumble right off the table to the floor. I feel so awful. took her to the DR. the am the Dr. said she was fine... but I feel shitty..( can I say that here?)
Any hoo lesson learn her I have to put her on the floor or crib to do anything.. how could I have been so stupid?