Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Feel horrible

I do it every morning but this time I should have put her in the crib.
I sat Avery on the changing table and walked over to get her brother up.
I turned around Just in time to see her do a tumble right off the table to the floor. I feel so awful. took her to the DR. the am the Dr. said she was fine... but I feel shitty..( can I say that here?)
Any hoo lesson learn her I have to put her on the floor or crib to do anything.. how could I have been so stupid?


MommaYoung said...

Oh sweetie I know it sucks when that happens..

Sue said...

Ugh, mommy guilt! Don't be too hard on yourself, things like this happen to lots of mommies. In our last house, Chloe was about 9 months old and she slid down the steps. Luckily she rode all the way down on her belly, but it was still scary and I felt awful. I'm glad that she's okay!

CaraBee said...

Happens to the best of us! When Sophie rolled off the bed I felt like the biggest asshole ever. Glad to hear she's alright!

PS - You can say whatever you want here!

Grand Pooba said...

Ok seriously I hear that story so many times! I'm not a mommy but it happened to me while I was babysitting! And of course you can say shit, it's your blog!

Sharon said...

There will be many more moments like those... they suck... but they happen. I did the very same thing with my daughter... I felt like the worst momma ever. Lesson learned. Never happened again. :)