Thursday, June 11, 2009

I think I figured it out

The way to a good morning wake up....
is when I get up to go into Liam's room turn on the light and turn on his CD player.
It has a CD in it about getting up out of bed and washing up and such...
I did that this am and he was great!! he actually got up out of bed ..
and turned off the radio LOL
and got back in bed!!
I asked what he did and he calmly told me he shut it off
I just said to him it's wake up music and turned it back on..
so I'll try it again next time because I was out of the house with out a fit thrown any where by 7am!! Woooohooo although getting out of Nana's house was a bit hard but I made it!!
so I'll have to see if this is the way to go but it looks like if I turn on the light and put on the music when i get up it may be a gentle way to wake up.. so we shall see if it was a fluck!

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