Monday, June 29, 2009


SO we had a very busy weekend... not one ... not 2 but three party's to go to .. well the last one was our Party for LIAM turning 3!!

So the first was a Birthday for his cousin he turned 9 we went to the bowling ally to play a little duck pins. the second was a graduation party of our friend... a wonderful cookout .. those fries were awesome! they had a ton of things for the kids a bouncer , slip and slid, a pool and water guns!! what fun the kids had but also the adults!! (cara I have picture if you want them)

then the big one was on Sunday ( well for Us) Liam turned 3

We went over to Poppy's for a pool party!

we had great fun Liam did not want to get out of the pool to have cake I had to tell him I was doing it with out him to get him over to blow out the candles but I go him out and pictures to boot!! it was a great weekend and an exhausting one as well but all in all it was a wonderful weekend!!

My Baby is 3, snif :)

My husband asked me if I was going to keep putting the birthday hat on him each year and I said yes he's had it sence his first birthday and he'll be wearing it until he 35 or older!!

I think it's cute !!

and yes Avery was there( there are pictures of her) but it was Liam day!


Kathie @ my net finds said...

my niece just turned 3 also. I don't want her to get any older!

CaraBee said...

Great parties all around! Love that picture of Liam on the slide! Glad you could come and thanks for having us!

kirstyb said...

Thats a very busy social schedule lol> Looks like you all had fun xoxox

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Thanks for visiting my blog... looks like you've got a sweet little family and lots of fun around there!


Penelope said...

Happy Birthday Liam!

Penelope's Oasis

Layla said...

Oh, he is too cute! I didn't know they made bowling balls that small?! I should probably try to request that next time since I have a bad back!

Thanks for grabbing my button!