Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Phone lost............... DEAD PHONE

So I lost my phone on sunday night did not relize it was gone till monday Am .. called the phone it rang no one picked up.. so it was somewhere jsut don't know where????

cam home last night and unloaded the kids

second trip up the stairs with Avery I saw my phone ...... on the grill


with a note

"found in drive way Sorry"????


opened the phone and tried to turn it on


plugged it in


dead phone

so.. now I have ordered a new one for 50.00

not red.. did not have that color but ice Blue..... Guess that will do


CaraBee said...

Hey, at least you get to have a fun new phone! I have been contemplating *losing* mine so I can have an Iphone. I covet.

Magaly Guerrero said...

I'm back tracking here! Your poor phone, what a horrible end :(

Bitter Sweet Moments said...

Mine fell in the toliet:( At least you got a new phone out of it!!

Jami said...

I accidently left my last phone in my pocket and washed it! I had it for over 3 years! Now, I have a cute, new, pink one. Sometimes change is good :)