Friday, June 19, 2009


OK I know it's early But...... AVERY is STANDING.... well she's holding herself up on the side of the coffee table but she id doing it by herself... I don't remember if this is on time or early at 7 months? well 7 and a half. she does not like to lay down and when ever she can pull her self up she does so. I will have to post a picture of her at the table but right now all I have is the one in her car seat of her standing in it holding on to the bar. of course daddy is behind her in case she slips but last night she wanted to stand and was reaching for all sorts of things on the table.! It was too cute!
OK I found the picture!! so what do you think?
it was too cool!!

Update on Liam and the potty.....
Well if Liam does not get his way in the morning he takes to peeing where he wants this time it was in his bed on his pillow! great!! wonder how that smelt last night while he slept on his pillow, Yes we cleaned it but you know the smell that lingers I'm going to have to put it in the wash if I can will have to go over to Mr. Bobbles to see if the pillow can be laundered?
So attempts at getting Liam up in the am are good and some times just a horror show.. you think we where killing or abusing the boy he screams so much... is this normal??
any hooo
so off to work I go to finish this day and have a wonderful weekend!! Fathers day is here and I have the kids to myself, lucky me!!
I really do mean it! Dennis will be fishing or crabbing on Sunday... gift to him

Searching: for that double stroller( jogging) almost had one for 40.00 but I was second in line and the person took it who could pass it up for 40.00 are you crazy? LOL
so the search continues as I walk my way with a single or the joovy which I do love.. but hard when Liam keeps getting and out to walk with him and Avery .... So I keep looking may have to break down and buy a new one if I don't find anything... search continues....

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CaraBee said...

Yay for standing! Maybe she will walk early. I've heard that second children often walk earlier because they want to keep up with the older sibling.