Friday, July 31, 2009

Mixed review

removed due to someone saying someone reads my blogg who I don't want reading my blog!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009


OK ...
I got to consignment sales for my two Kids I love to go to them now since the first time we passed by the MOM's sale and Dennis said let just go look. Hook Line and sinker I 'm Hooked.
Now the issue is this year!! the MOM's sale is on the 19th of September.. the Consignment sale that I participate in Wee-Sale begins on the 17th and goes the weekend. I have worked the Wee-Sale twice already and this will be my third time this year! I also have begun to put some of my children's items in the sale to make up for what I purchase. Which sometimes does not balance it self out.
Humm how did that happen?
So the dilemma is that the MOM's sale is the same time as the Wee-Sale!!!
what I'm I going to do!
I would love to clone myself so that we could go to each one but I don't think that will happen by September?
Just checked because I almost had a heart attack thinking the Lilly P sale was the same time but that will be in November! Phheeewwww
So I guess this year I'll have to choose and I just may have to miss the MoM's sale ...

... did you hear something did I say what I thought I said... I have to miss something.....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

is it me?

It has to be me,
because sooo many have it on there blogs..
I can not take this when I open peoples blogs.
If I hear it..... it's the thing I have to find to turn OFF before I do any sort of reading . If I can't find it , because everyone looks different I have to close the blog and forgo ever reading anything about that person.
I know it has to be me but it's the one thing that just drives me crazy..
OK so there it is my .02 of the subject.
I'm sure I will encounter endless amounts of music on others Blogs.
It must be a cool feature for some and yes it does let the person know a bit about the blogger but I prefer the quite pages. (shhh) not like in the library quite but... yeah know

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


ON sat I put my finger in Avery's Mouth to feel small bump that has already poked thru. Now I have yet to be able to see the actual tooth but It's there!! I have tied to get a picture to no avail but will try again to see if I can get a picture of that nice new pearly white!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Enchanted Forest

So my husband went to this place when he was small. It then was closed down and left to disappear into the earth. Someone thought they needed to save it and when the property was sold the new owners told the Clark family( I think) to take what they wanted before they developed the ground where the Enchanted Forest stood.

May of the piece were move to it's new home on a farm in Elicot city. I was told not all pieces were brought. I guess some were just to badly damaged. Some were restored and some were recreated. the Houses I guess way back when you could go into but now you can only look in the windows and open doors. but the kids still have a good time running around from one house to the other and finding new things to look at.

It was funny Liam tried to pick up the pail of water that Jack and Jill dropped this was after he tried to help them up!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Free samples and such

So I'm looking for free sample and such that you get from the store/ web sites and all... has anyone found anything good? each time I find something you always get you must subscribe to.. and then you have to fill out hundreds of form and what you get is... nothing but you email jammed with all this crap for one free sample? hellloo that's not what I'm looking for . how can it be so hard? what is the deal ?

SO I'm on the search for any freebies I can find...

I have found one place:
the only thing is I have to find the site that helps you with entering the address because that is the thing that takes the most time
on this site I have found some free samples things not strings attached but also there are a few expired sites but so far it a good site!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


OK has anyone used this I tried to sign up but I am just not getting it?
I guess I need to spend some time at home with this.
Just wanted to see how it worked for others..
I saw that I need approval how long does that take?

Monday, July 13, 2009



future pilot?

Liam's tour of Uncle Chris work area

WOO HOO a whirl wind of a Weekend!!

First just getting to NC was just sooo much fun!

you can see hubby likes to drive!!!NOT

Liam was a talker.. loving the hair twist!

we got to relax for a bit when we got there

then there was the Baptism the next morning at 9:30 and everyone was there on time and Justin was great!what a champ!

then we got to go back to the house for both the Baptism party and a Graduation party!

Good time by all and sooo many pictures!! Liam was great the whole day he did not have a nap the whole day and crashed at about 8 next to his sister who then woke up for a few hours then went back to sleep herself. I hear we missed the most exciting part of the party where the host got thrown into the pool!! Glad I was not there!! the pool got a bit damaged in the process soooo. but I hear everyone was good no fighting which I know can happen with the military guys.. Not saying it happens all the time but yeah know.
there was a point when the chopper flew over which was cool and then later that day the coast Guard chopper flew over the house a nd circled.. of course I don't have a picture of that but it was very cool for the kids Liam I know loved it and was waving. The picture would have been better too if I had my camera handy then.. O-well but the next day we got a private tour of Uncle chris' work. He takes apart and puts back together the choppers.So Liam got to get in the choppers and crawl all over them ,he was having so much fun he did not want to leave! SO it ws good even though we got home at 9:30 at night for Mommy to go to work at 5:20 this am and I sooo could not fall asleep last night! so this morning was lovely! LOL

Thursday, July 9, 2009

One day left!!

And we are heading to NC for a graduation party!!
yeahY rest for me!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So i'm scanning my email and I come accross this:

so wondering if anyone has done this with there children because I was thinking it would be a
so looking into the cost to see if it's affordable or if there is away to get help to pay for it?
( wondering if the link worked?)

by the way how do you link other blogs? like when you have aname and you click on it to go to there site? (yeah I'm dumb)

Monday, July 6, 2009


So the day started out at 8 am to get the kids up and out of the house by 8:55 to get to our friends house for 9 for breakfast. waffles and ice cream!! yumm with the option of berries and of course sausage and bacon.. Yummm we sat in the backyard under the umbrella it was very nice

Not sure what we are all looking at?

Liam explaining the Parade to Aunt Kelly

we then went to the front yard where we had our chairs set up for the parade! I think it was about and hour and a half parade it was very cool we had fire trucks and race cars and then of course all the boy scouts and the few military here and there. it was very nice and I think Liam had a wonderful time.. Avery slept through half of it not sure how with all the sirens screaming and loud music but she did!

SO this is what Santa does in the Summer! LOL

Tad bit scare this Lone Ranger was!
then we went home for a nap...

at about 4 we were off again with the boat to put in the water to meet back up with the same friends. anchored the boat and when to have lunch!

burgers and cold pasta salad and an aw some avocado and corn salad so yummy
then back out to the boats!! this all sound very hectic but it was not, it was actually very relaxing( the fact I had mojitos help as well )LOL

and sat out in the boats in the bay to watch the Annapolis fire works it was very cool and I think Liam was pooped because half way thru them he wanted to lay down. Avery on the other hand was already sound asleep after getting on the boat and never woke back up till about 5 am the next day.

we had a bit of a ride back to the dock after the fireworks that was a bit tedious with everyone rushing to get back all those boats in the water at 10 pm sorta scary if anything happened but we were good and it was not too bad.. a bit rough with all the waves but it was ok
took video of the fireworks no pic's? humm too busy I guess

we got back in and got the boat out and headed back to our friends. I at this point was tired and the kids were zonked.. so Dennis went in to say thaank you and goodnight and we headed home. I think my head hit the pillow at 11pm... feww what a day

but it was a good day and we had a whole lota fun!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

AGAIN giveing away some parents any takers?

SO again this am there were words from my dad to my husband.. this all instigated from my wonderful(sarcastic) mother... she has not answered her phone until I call again at 12:30 when I received a call saying the nutritionist was at the house for my father and no one was there. This appointment was news to me and I could not help the lady on the other line since my mother decided not to answer her phone. SO I called her after I got off the phone with the lady who had the appointment and got I can't talk now I'm at MY therapy appointment.
so I shot at her well the nutritionist is at the house you should get your appointments strait and hung up. we'll see if she calls me back be cause I have a few choice words for her about what is going one and what is going to happen if it keeps up! I've had it with her meddling and getting my father to say nasty things to Dennis when I'm not around.
that's it it's going to stop or contact will end between us and I do mean the grand kids as well I'm done with the stress she constantly gives me.. it's like she thrives on making me miserable